A Man Like None Other Chapter 1916

Although Marcelo was furious at Patrick, he did not attack them as he knew he would surely lose the fight. “Very well. Just keep in mind that we Garcias always get our revenge, so you people will pay dearly for your actions today,” Marcelo threatened.

He then waved at his men and said, “Come on. Let’s go.” Jose shook his head when he saw Marcelo leaving with his men.

“How boring!” he exclaimed while leading his subordinates out of there as well. Verner and his men were the only ones remaining at the scene.

Jared knew he couldn’t afford to waste any more time when he saw that the ten-thousand- year-old tuber fleeceflower was starting to fade, so he quickly ran toward it.

Boom! A lightning bolt struck Jared down to the ground almost instantly. Jared clenched his teeth and endured the pain as he got back on his feet and continued running forward.

His body exuded a faint golden glow as he kept his gaze fixated on the ten-thousand-year-old tuber fleeceflower.

Boom! Yet another bolt of lightning came down from above. The dark clouds in the sky began to swirl around as blue-colored lightning bolts.

appeared among them. Jared’s Dragonslayer Sword kept buzzing and vibrating as though it was trying to break free from his grip. “Go on, then!” he yelled while tossing it into the air.

Like a horse that had been released into the wilderness, his Dragonslayer Sword flew straight toward the lightning bolts. Blue sparks formed when the lightning bolts struck Dragonslayer Sword repeatedly, but it did nothing to slow the sword down.

Dragonslayer Sword’s power remained undiminished as it flew into the dark clouds and fought the blue lightning bolts head-on. Jared began to panic when he saw that. He was worried that Dragonslayer Sword would get damaged by the lightning bolts.

After all, he saw Dragonslayer Sword as a trusted ally instead of a mere weapon.

“What are you hesitating for, Jared? Hurry up and get the ten-thousand-year-old tuber fleeceflower!” Flaxseed shouted anxiously when he saw Jared staring at the sky.

Having been snapped out of his dazed state, Jared quickly rushed forward and grabbed the ten-thousand-year-old tuber fleeceflower. All it took was a gentle tug for him to pluck it out of the ground.

Jared felt incredibly excited when he sensed the spiritual energy within the ten-thousand- year-old tuber fleeceflower.

The dark clouds in the sky quickly dispersed after he had obtained the ten-thousand-year-old tuber fleeceflower, and the blue lightning bolts disappeared along with them.

Dragonslayer Sword then fell from the sky and landed right in Jared’s hand. Jared frowned in surprise as he felt a wave of electricity travel through his entire body when his hand made contact with Dragonslayer Sword, Upon lowering his gaze, he noticed that Dragonslayer Sword had blue sparks flowing through it.

“What the…”

Worried that his Dragonslayer Sword had been damaged by the lightning bolts, Jared channeled the Power of Dragons into the sword and tried to communicate with it.

Dragonslayer Sword could feel that Jared was communicating with it, so it buzzed loudly in response.

“Slash away…”

Jared did as told and swung Dragonslayer Sword at an empty space in the distance. He wanted to know if Dragonslayer Sword was still as powerful as it used to be.

Boom! That slash brought forth a thunderstorm as a blue lightning bolt came surging out of the tip of Dragonslayer Sword. The next thing they knew, the lightning bolt had leveled a hill in the distance.

Rocks were flying everywhere, and the trees were reduced to ashes. It looked almost like a scene out of an apocalyptic movie. Jared stared at Dragonslayer Sword in shock and disbelief. He did not expect it to obtain the power of lightning.

Those who witnessed it, too, were so shocked that their eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets.

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