A Man Like None Other Chapter 1847

Primero’s face contorted as he listened to the discussion. He could not wrap his head around how terrifyingly powerful could Jared be and how three people were not even his match.

All of them were Greater Martial Arts Marquises in their advanced phase, and Primero was already at Top Level. If they had had the time, they could have all had their breakthrough and become Martial Arts Saints.

Even so, with abilities like these, all three of them still couldn’t defeat Jared. The abilities that Jared had shown were only those of a Greater Martial Arts Marquis in the middle phase.

Skylar, who was looking at the arena, looked grim as well. He had thought he could definitely defeat Jared because of how hard he had trained, but seeing how Jared had defeated three Black Silver Robe members was a huge blow to his confidence.

Malphas, who was in Skylar’s body, spoke right then. What? Your confidence took a hit?

Skylar said nothing and only nodded. Having been fighting against Jared for so long, Skylar had always thought that he himself was the most talented and the smartest.

He would never lose in terms of scheming. Yet, he was always defeated painfully whenever he fought against Jared, and he didn’t know why.

Skylar had now seen how Jared had defeated three Black Silver Robe members, who were Greater Martial Arts Marquises in their advanced phase even though Jared was only in the middle phase, and that really aggravated him.

You want to know why Jared is so strong and how he could fight those people above his level, right? Malphas asked. “Yes. Why? Why is Jared better than everyone?” Skylar was confused.

It’s because of his unique physique. Just so you know, a person’s physique can determine the level of the person’s cultivation. Jared has a unique physique and the Golden Dragon’s True Form. How can an ordinary human compare to him?

“The Golden Dragon’s True Form?” Skylar muttered with a face full of desolation. Jared had a unique physique, and Skylar was just an ordinary human being. How could Skylar even compete with Jared?

As opponents, they were not on the same level. Malphas spoke again when he saw the frustrated look on Skylar’s face. Actually, your physique is not like any ordinary human being as well…

Skylar’s eyes lit up when Malphas said that.. “Mr. Malphas, did you just say that my physique is not ordinary? What physique do I have, then?”

“If you really only had an ordinary physique, do you think Lord Tanner would have let you off after your blunder? Do you think he would have provided you with all those resources for you to cultivate?

If you really were ordinary, do you think I, Malphas, would have chosen you? You have the Inferno Devil’s Form, but this special physique of yours is now sealed within you, and it needs to be activated.

You will never have to fear Jared again once I activate the Inferno Devil’s Form in you.” Malphas’ words made Skylar tremble with excitement. “Inferno Devil’s Form…”

Skylar’s eyes were now filled with great determination as he looked at Jared, who was in the arena. He knew that he needed to settle this fight with Jared once and for all.

Skylar viewed Jared as his nemesis, but little did he know Jared did not even care about him at all. Jared’s real enemy was much more powerful than Skylar.

In the arena, Tercero, Quadrico, and Cinco were already regulating their aura. Tercero even got his arms fixed.

“Helico! Rodrigo! Attack him together! If you can’t catch him alive, then kill him,” Primero ordered the few Black Silver Robe members. with a cold expression.

They had never thought something like this would happen. The only thing they could do now is to defeat him with numbers. At once, five Black Silver Robe members charged at Jared.

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