A Man Like None Other Chapter 1845

“I’ll kill you!” Segundo roared as his sword turned into a looming shadow that lunged at Jared in an attempt to envelop him. The entire arena was shrouded by his sword shadow.

Even when faced with such an intimidating attack, Jared simply let out a disdainful snort and unleashed a strong murderous intent with his eyes.

With a mighty swing of the Dragonslayer Sword, Jared activated Nine Shadows and created shadow clones of himself. The next thing Segundo knew, the shadow clones were all charging toward him in perfect synchronization.

He quickly swung his sword at Jared in an attempt to strike him with the sword shadow. A loud boom rang out as his attack landed, but all it hit was Jared’s shadow clone, which disappeared upon impact.

As Segundo prepared to launch another attack, he saw a beam of light heading toward him. He let out an ear-piercing scream as his arm wielding the sword flew into the air.

Jared had sliced Segundo’s entire arm cleanly. off his shoulder, but he was far from being satisfied. Everyone watched in horror as Jared and his shadow clones continued to hack and slash at Segundo.

No one could tell which was the real Jared, but it didn’t matter at that point.  All they heard was Segundo screaming in agony as his body parts and blood flew everywhere.

The screams died down a few moments later, and Jared’s shadow clones slowly returned to his body. Blood was dripping from the Dragonslayer Sword as Segundo lay weakly in a pool of his blood.

His limbs had all been severed and were nowhere to be found. His torso was covered in blood and gruesome slash wounds. Despite the severity of his injuries, Segundo was still alive and breathing as his vital organs were still intact.

Jared had deliberately kept him alive to prolong his suffering as much as possible. Segundo’s eyes were filled with fear as he stared at Jared. He was panting heavily and his face was twisted from the intense pain, but he couldn’t say a single word because Jared had slit his throat.

“I told you I would make you regret it,” Jared said in an icy-cold tone as he stared Segundo down. At that moment, no one could tell if it was fear or regret that filled Segundo’s eyes as he lay there.



A few Black Silver Robe members called out to him as they rushed forward. As they got closer, however, they realized there was no way to save him.

Suddenly, a black mist came out of Segundo’s body and quickly flew away.

That was the soul residing in the Black Silver Robe members. As Jared had destroyed his physical body, he needed to find and occupy a new host body as quickly as possible.

Of course, Jared wasn’t about to let that happen. He opened his mouth and sucked the soul into his body. As though he had just eaten a delicious meal, Jared’s lips curled into a satisfied smile after he consumed the soul.

That petrified everyone in the crowd, especially the Black Silver Robe members. After all, they were nothing but souls occupying physical bodies to use as puppets.

If someone were to kill the body they were occupying, all they had to do was find a new host body and occupy it. As such, they were not afraid of being killed.

However, things were different if Jared could devour their souls, as it would mean permanent death for them. Each and every one of the Black Silver Robe members was trembling in fear when they realized what they were up against.

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