A Man Like None Other Chapter 1844

They needed Jared’s physical body, which would lose a ton of value if he were dead. “Yes, I understand,” Segundo replied with a nod.

He stepped forward and pointed his sword at Jared as he taunted him, “Your girlfriend looks fragile, but she can really take a beating! You saw the video, didn’t you? She didn’t even make a sound throughout the entire process!”

Jared narrowed his eyes as a strong murderous intent surged through his body. “I will make you regret everything you’ve done…” he said, the Dragonslayer Sword slowly appearing in his right hand.

Everyone in the area could feel the intense energy and bloodlust emanating from the sword when it fully manifested itself. As Jared had long since become one with the Dragonslayer Sword, the sword spirit within could feel his rage and was thirsting for blood.

Just like its wielder, the Dragonslayer Sword wanted nothing but to obliterate the enemy. For some reason, Segundo’s sword began to tremble slightly as though it were scared of Jared’s Dragonslayer Sword.

“T-Take this!” he yelled anxiously as he charged at Jared.

I have to make a move before my fear overwhelms me! I will be at a huge disadvantage if I succumb to fear in battle! I need to strike first to gain control over this fight! There’s a chance that I’ll lose if I let him make the first move, and I cannot risk letting that happen!

Like an arrow zooming through the air, Segundo’s sword energy made a loud whistling. noise as he thrust it at Jared with all his might.

Instead of scrambling to defend himself, Jared effortlessly swung his Dragonslayer Sword and sent a powerful sword energy wave in Segundo’s direction.

However, Segundo’s sword energy was razor sharp and concentrated, so it was able to: pierce right through that wave of sword energy with ease.

Despite having his attack countered so easily, Jared maintained a neutral expression as he activated Golem Body. A golden light quickly surrounded Jared’s body. and protected him like an impenetrable suit of armor.

A huge spark formed when Segundo’s sword energy came into contact with Jared’s Golem Body, but all it did was damage a few of its scales.

Segundo’s eyes went wide with shock and disbelief when he saw that Jared was completely unharmed. He tried to make a hasty retreat when he realized he was in dangerously close range, but Jared was faster as he sent yet another sword energy wave in his direction.

Segundo desperately sent out a flurry of sword flowers in an attempt to block Jared’s sword energy wave but to no avail.

Jared’s sword energy wave was so powerful that it shattered all the sword flowers in an instant as it continued to travel forward without losing momentum.

Not only was Segundo knocked down by the sword energy wave, but his clothes were also torn as a result. “Is that all you’ve got?” Jared asked coldly, glaring at Segundo.

Everyone was shocked when they saw how. Jared had knocked him down in an instant. After all, the Black Silver Robe members of the Warriors Alliance were highly confident in their ability to defeat Jared with ease..

Being the leader of the Black Silver Robe, Primero was especially stunned by Jared’s display of strength. “Fall back, Segundo! You’re no match for him!” he ordered.

However, Segundo was so consumed by rage that he refused to back down. Determined to get back at Jared, he yelled at the top of his lungs, “No! I will defeat this guy no matter what!”

His body exuded a faint black mist as a shadowy figure appeared next to him and slowly overlapped with his body. Segundo’s expression became incredibly vicious as the strength of his aura increased.

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