A Man Like None Other Chapter 1841

Jared took the phone from him and watched the video. It showed Josephine tied up as a man in a black robe whipped her continuously while spitting curses at Jared.

“Jared Chance, I know you’ll see this video. You can’t even protect your own girlfriend. How dare you issue a challenge to the Warriors Alliance? Just look at yourself. Any of us can take your life easily. I will show the martial arts world how useless you are despite your constant. bragging. You can’t even protect your girlfriend!”

The whip slashed across Josephine’s body again and again. Josephine gritted her teeth and endured the pain silently as anger hardened her heart.

Jared trembled furiously as he took in that horrible scene. He clenched his teeth so hard that grating sounds could be heard. A burst of murderous aura emerged within Jared’s body.

“I swear I’ll wipe out the entire Warriors Alliance!” Jared clenched his fist so tightly around the phone that it shattered into pieces, his eyes red with anger.

The energy coursing through his body made it look as though he was about to descend into madness. Anger consumed every last bit of his rationale, and his only desire at that moment was to kill everyone in the Warriors Alliance.

Godrick’s body shivered violently when he sensed Jared’s horrifying aura. Rising to his feet, Jared announced, “Godrick, gather everyone in Deragon Sect. I want to wipe out the Warriors Alliance!”

“Jared, we’re going to challenge the Warriors Alliance tomorrow. We’ve issued a challenge, so if you take action now, I’m afraid the martial arts world-”

“Shut up! I want everyone in Warriors Alliance dead now!” Jared hollered before Godrick could finish his words. “Inform every family in the martial arts world-Deragon Sect will take action against those who dare to join the Warriors Alliance.”

Godrick bobbed his head. “Okay. I’ll see to it now.” After Godrick departed, Jared strode out of his room, raised his head, and let out a guttural roar.

His roar was so loud and powerful that it could be heard dozens of miles away. The golden light on his body flashed unsteadily as a strong wave of fear and dread enveloped the area.

His presence was so overwhelming that it sent at chill down the spines of those who were unfortunate enough to be near him. The sheer power he exuded was enough to make even the bravest of souls tremble in fear.

The Golem Body was activated, and layers of golden scales covered Jared’s entire body. Jared even summoned the Dragonslayer Sword. He couldn’t wait any longer and wanted to slaughter everyone in the Warriors Alliance right now.

“I swear I’ll wipe out the Warriors Alliance!” Jared roared. His golden glow caught the attention of many. The moment Flaxseed, Lizbeth, Rayleigh, and the rest sensed Jared’s fury, they quickly made their way over to him.

The video Segundo posted on the martial arts forum ignited a furious reaction from them. They were outraged by what they saw, and their anger quickly escalated as they watched the video.

Everyone felt bad for Jared when they saw his eyes had turned red in anger.. They were well aware of how upset Jared felt right at this moment.

“Please reconsider your decision, Mr. Chance,” Jessica urged. “If you let your emotions get the best of you right now, the Warriors Alliance’s plan will succeed.”

“Yes, you need to calm down. It’s obvious the Warriors Alliance posted this video to provoke you. If you get angry, you’ll lose your mind,” Rayleigh advised..

Jessica added, “I told you it was a mirage instead of your real girlfriend, didn’t I? If that’s the case, your girlfriend didn’t get beaten up for real.”

Jared slowly retracted his murderous aura as he recited the calming incantation inwardly. “I know. I won’t lose my mind.” Jared gave them a reassuring nod. “However, I won’t stop until I wipe out the Warriors Alliance this time.”

Jared didn’t head to the Warriors Alliance to cause them trouble, but the weak families who had chosen to join them were doomed.

Overnight, Deragon Sect took action and wiped out dozens of prestigious families who had joined Warriors Alliance.

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