A Man Like None Other Chapter 1838

After all, they had been wracking their brains about how to capture Jared and didn’t expect him to send an invitation to them instead. “What’s going on?” Primero asked.

“Look, Primero. That guy, Jared, is provoking us. That fool just saved us the trouble of going to him.” Cinco excitedly passed the challenge invitation to Primero.

Looking at the challenge invitation, Primero laughed. “Jared shouldn’t blame us since he has a death wish himself. After tomorrow, the silver logo on our black robes will be replaced with gold.”

Meanwhile, Godrick had returned to Deragon Sect to report to Jared he had successfully sent the challenge invitation. “Jared, I think we probably should send more people there tomorrow in case something happens.”

Godrick was afraid Jared would be taken advantage of in the arena. “It’s fine. There’s something else for you guys to do” Jared said flatly. Godrick was puzzled. “What is it, Jared?”

“Bring some people to the Warriors Alliance and defeat and conquer it tomorrow during the challenge. I don’t want to see them in Jadeborough ever again.”

Godrick was excited the moment he heard that. “No problem! Leave it to me.” Defeating and conquering the Warriors Alliance would be quite a feat.

If the news were spread, it would definitely go down in history. Not long after Godrick left, Flaxseed came looking for Jared, to his surprise.

“Mr. Flaxseed, why are you here at this hour instead of being with a woman?” Jared asked in confusion. “Jared, someone wants to see you,” Flaxseed replied.

“No. I’ve made it clear that I’m rejecting all visitations today.” Jared shook his head. Looking grim, Flaxseed said solemnly, “Listen, you need to see this person. If you don’t, our friendship ends here.”

Stunned, Jared looked at Flaxseed in disbelief. “Mr. Flaxseed, is that person perhaps your family?” Jared couldn’t comprehend Flaxseed’s insistence.

“Don’t bother about that. Just do it. Otherwise, we’re done.”

Flaxseed sounded extremely firm. Facing Flaxseed’s resolute demand, Jared could only nod resignedly. “Okay. I’ll do it because of you. Bring that person in.”

Flaxseed quickly broke into a smile and went out, running. Moments later, he returned with a woman. Jared realized why Flaxseed was being stubborn the moment he saw the woman.

She was not just any woman but Jessica of the Demon Sect. Beside her was Flaxseed, who had an ingratiating look on him as he stared straight at Jessica’s legs.

Witnessing the scene, Jared almost burst out laughing. “You truly are a busy man, Mr. Chance. It’s hard to get a meeting with you, I even have to use my connections.”

Jessica looked at Jared and smiled faintly.

“You’ve misunderstood, Ms. Zimmerman. I just thought I should rest today since I have to attend an important event tomorrow,” he explained. “The challenge against the Warriors Alliance?”

Jessica smirked. At that moment, Jared froze, and the smile on his face disappeared instantly. He had not told anyone about the challenge other than Godrick.

Therefore, Jared was surprised and worried since Jessica knew about it. “Challenge? What kind of challenge?”

Flaxseed was confused as he didn’t know Jared had sent a challenge invitation to the Warriors Alliance. “I thought we agreed that you wouldn’t interrupt? If you continue to do so, then get out!”

Jessica shot Flaxseed a glare. “Okay, I got it. I’ll keep quiet,” Flaxseed quickly said as he realized he had broken his promise. Looking at Flaxseed’s behavior, Jared was rendered speechless. She has him under her thumb.

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