A Man Like None Other Chapter 1795

Jared walked over and asked, “How is it, Mr. Flaxseed?” “This ancient ruin is quite huge. However, the entrance is probably destroyed by someone…” Flaxseed responded. “What do you mean?” Jared frowned. “Are you saying that someone had already entered the ancient ruins before?”

Flaxseed nodded in response. “If someone else had been in there, doesn’t it mean our trip here is wasted?” Gilbert said after letting out a sigh.

“That’s hard to say. Even if these people can enter the ancient ruins, it’s not guaranteed that they can get the items inside. It’s similar to the ancient ruins of Skywrath Sect we visited that day. Although we had entered the ancient ruins many times, we almost got nothing from them. Exploring ancient ruins is not the same as exploring ancient tombs.

When an ancient tomb is opened, it’ll technically be destroyed. completely. However, ancient ruins are protected by an arcane array. The items inside ancient ruins can’t be touched by anyone just as they wish,” Flaxseed explained.

“Mr. Flaxseed, can’t you just tell us where the ancient ruins’ entrance is? We’ll find out once we get in, won’t we?” Jared asked anxiously.

Yet, Flaxseed shook his head. “I can’t find the entrance. Someone wiped the traces to the entrance and reformed a new arcane array. Now, we have to search for it slowly.”

“Could it be that those people who broke into the ancient ruins are still inside?” Anne asked. “It’s possible…” Flaxseed nodded in agreement.

“Then, could they be the ones who are spreading the rumors about the tiger demon and causing people to disappear? Maybe they’re doing these on purpose to scare off the people who are searching for the ancient ruins,” Evangeline said after contemplating for a while.

“Yes, that’s possible as well. But no matter what exactly the situation is right now, we still have to find the entrance first…” Jared was eager to find the ancient ruins as soon as possible.

Just when Jared was about to lead the others and continue their journey toward the snowy mountain, they sensed a sudden wave of auras coming from behind them.

Moreover, those auras weren’t weak at all. The weakest aura was one that had a cultivation level of a Greater Martial Arts Grandmaster. Not only that, but there were also several auras coming from a few Martial Arts Marquises.

Needless to say, those people were here because of the ancient ruins. “What do we do now, Mr. Chance?” Gilbert asked as he felt those people’s aura, too.

Jared frowned slightly and spoke after pondering for a while. “Everyone, hide your auras and don’t let them figure out our background. We can let them go first while we follow behind them.”

Jared was planning to let those people walk in front so they could risk themselves first if there were any dangers ahead. After all, nobody knew what kind of danger was in front. Jared thought that instead of risking his own life, it was better to let those people pass through first.

Flaxseed glanced at Jared. “You’re such an evil fellow…”

Jared chuckled. “As the saying goes, a soldier should achieve victory by hook or by crook.”

Jared and the others toned down their auras and went to the side to rest, displaying an extremely exhausted look on their faces.

Soon, over ten people rushed toward Jared and the others. Among those people, a tall man with blond hair and blue eyes was obviously the leader.

Meanwhile, a skinny elderly followed beside that tall man. The elderly seemed to be blind, as he was holding a walking stick in his hand.

As soon as the group saw Jared and the others, they stopped. The blond man sized Jared and the others up and said nothing. Then, the blond man turned to the elderly and asked, “Joel, you said that someone was using Tomb Seeking Skill to search for the ancient ruins. Did it come from this area?”

The elderly named Joel said nothing. He merely took out a bronze handbell and shook it gently. Then, clear sounds emitted from the bronze handbell and quickly began to spread across the area.

The sound waves seemed to be magical as they continuously blasted Jared and the others’ minds. In an instant, a golden beam flashed across Jared’s mind, and it directly forced the sound waves away.

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