A Man Like None Other Chapter 1794

“M-Mr. Chance, I think we shouldn’t continue walking forward…” Dale said while trembling. Seeing Dale’s demeanor, Jared asked in puzzlement, “What’s wrong? Are you intimidated by just a few roars?”

“It looks like you don’t know about this, Mr. Chance. It is rumored that a tiger demon lived here once. It was extremely gigantic, and it could devour a human in one bite! However, nobody had encountered the tiger demon for many years. Thus, it was slowly forgotten by the people and became a legend,” Dale explained.

Dale continued, “But now, it’s possible that the roar came from that tiger demon. Besides, the people who disappeared here were likely to be devoured by the tiger demon. I think we shouldn’t continue walking forward. It’s too dangerous…”

Although Dale knew Jared was a Greater Martial Arts Grandmaster, they would most likely become the legendary tiger demon’s meal if they encountered it.

“Is there really such a thing as a tiger demon here?” Jared looked shocked.

“If there is a tiger demon here, then there must be the King of Herbs as well. Whenever there is a stalk of King of Herbs in an area, there will definitely be a spirit beast protecting it.

Maybe the tiger demon is there to protect the King of Herbs.” Anne looked excited. At least, the tiger demon’s existence proved that the King of Herbs would certainly exist around the area.

Seeing that Jared and the others didn’t seem to fear the tiger demon at all and wanted to keep continuing their journey, Dale said with a perplexed expression, “Mr. Chance, my strength is low. I don’t dare to walk further at all. Besides, I’d never been to this snowy mountain before. I guess I can’t lead the way for you anymore.”

The meaning behind Dale’s remarks was clear. He wanted to quit the group and return home, as he was afraid.

“Mr. Thompson, thank you for bringing us here. Please be careful when you go home.” Jared didn’t blame Dale. After all, Dale was merely a Martial Arts Grandmaster. If he were to encounter any danger, he wouldn’t even be able to escape.

“Then I shall wait in town to celebrate your return…” Dale said.

After Dale had left, Jared and the others continued forward. Yet, the path was getting more and more difficult to cross. Not only that, but it was also leading toward the snowy mountain.

Fortunately, they were all experts. If they were ordinary people, they wouldn’t have been able to walk this far. “Mr. Flaxseed, can you probe where the ancient ruins are?” Jared asked Flaxseed.

“Obviously. Have you forgotten what I do for al living?” With that, Flaxseed took out a metal rod that was only a few tens of centimeters long. It was thin and bright.

Casually, Flaxseed glanced around before finding a place to stick the metal rod into the snow.

Then, he stood in front of the metal rod and started chanting a spell. “A geomancer’s spells are never widespread, and the mountain where fortune lies should be identified through the mountain’s shape. There might be highs and lows, and one might circle the same area repeatedly.”

Flaxseed continued, “The mountains will rise and fall like a dragon or a snake. One should bring enough supplies while walking through the mountains, and one should protect their trails while crossing the canyons. There is no end to taking from the mountains and giving something back. One’s entanglement with the mountains is always mysterious.”

He added, “Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn are the five planets that will lead us to the mountains. Jupiter and Mars will create

civilization and bring knowledge. Saturn will create minerals and bring wealth. Venus and Mercury will bring prosperity from the mountains.”

Following Flaxseed’s chanting of the spell, a golden glow emitted from the tip of the metal rod. The golden glow was spreading continuously, and the area it covered became wider and wider.

Buzz! Suddenly, the metal rod began to vibrate, and a humming noise echoed throughout the area. The metal rod’s vibration increased gradually. It began to heat up while vibrating, causing the surrounding snow to melt.

Seeing that, Flaxseed waved his hand immediately as his expression changed slightly. “Stop!”

Instantaneously, the metal rod stopped vibrating, and the glow vanished. Then, the rod flew back to Flaxseed’s hand directly.

Jared and the others gaped at Flaxseed’s: actions. It could be said that Flaxseed was truly an expert.

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