A Man Like None Other Chapter 1787

“If I may, sir, how did this sword come into your possession? Jared asked. In response, the merchant gazed toward the distant snowy peak. “I was picking some snow lotus a few years ago when I found this sword.

Starting off exceptionally sharp, it became dull and rusty because I didn’t know how to maintain it. I wouldn’t sell it for five million if it were not in this condition. Do you want it or not? I want to close up and go home.”

“I want it.” Without another word, Jared transferred five million to the ecstatic merchant, stunned with disbelief that he had sold the sword for five million.

Jared could not keep his hands off the sword. At the very least, he was sure that Engarder Sect was close and that the ancient ruins were very likely it

“I can’t believe you spent five million on a rusty old sword. Have you struck gold?” A woman’s voice sounded behind Jared, who froze at its familiarity though he could not place a finger on it at that moment.

Then, he remembered after turning around and getting a clear look at the girl’s face. “How strange to see you here, Princess Anne!” Jared exclaimed.

“This is my country. Why shouldn’t I be here for a holiday? I, on the other hand, am surprised to see you here. I’d even thought I was mistaken!” Anne answered, similarly excited.

Behind Anne came the hulking Andrew, whose aura became discernible from a single gaze by Jared. He did not expect Andrew to have achieved Martial Arts Marquis in as little as a year.

Though it was miles behind compared to Jared, it was an impressive enough pace.

A year ago, Jared had participated in the international competition at Theodore’s request. Andrew was only a Martial Arts Grandmaster then. Jared had killed Ichiro and finally avenged the Watanabe family of Jetroina.

“You have made tremendous progress, Andrew, Jared said to Andrew with a smile. “You’re doing well yourself, Mr. Chance,” Andrew replied while reciprocating the grin.

He did not ascertain Jared’s strength but instead said it out of politeness. After all, Jared had subdued him during the international competition.

Given the Senerisians’ explosive temper, it would have been impossible for Jared to speak to them in this manner. “Are you here on vacation, Jared?” Anne asked. “Something like that.” Jared did not know how to tell her.

“Since you’re here on my turf, I must fulfill my responsibility of a gracious host. I’ll show you around and have you as a guest in my house. It’s a short flight of several hours to get home from here,” Anne declared happily as she came forward to tug on Jared’s arm.

Jared was at a loss with Anne’s generosity. She laughed at his expression. “Did you not bring both your girlfriends along? Have you already gotten married and had children?”

Jared became tongue-tied at Anne’s inquisitive questions. Though Lizbeth had come, Josephine was still locked in the dungeon. “You can’t have broken up with them, have you? Men are pigs and scoundrels!” Anne chided him with a giggle.

Jared sighed without retorting. Since she called me a scoundrel, then a scoundrel I am. He did not wish to let down any of the girls who had fallen for him.

Cecilia’s sad gaze, especially, was one he could not refuse. If possible, I would go into hiding after this matter is resolved and keep these girls as backups. Jared wondered if that notion constituted as being what he was accused of.

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