A Man Like None Other Chapter 1782

They had just walked out of the hotel when a taxi stopped them in their tracks. Jared looked up and realized it was the short man who had sent him to the hotel earlier. He was confused as to why the short man had stopped him.

“Sir, do you have time now? My name is Shorty. Can I treat you to a meal?” Shorty asked.

Jared rejected his invitation at once. “No need. It was nothing. Besides, you didn’t ask me to pay for the ride, so we called it even. You don’t have to do this.”

However, Shorty seemed stumped. Seeing that, Jared knew it wasn’t just as simple as having a meal together. “Is there something else you need?” Jared inquired.

Shorty nodded awkwardly. “Sir, my gang leader, Mr. Thompson, dispatched me here to invite you. He wants to see you.” “Your gang leader?” Jared was surprised to learn that a taxi driver had a gang leader.

Shorty noticed his surprise and explained, “We Chanaeans who run businesses here, including taxi drivers, have formed The Chanaean Brotherhood to prevent being bullied. After I went back and told him about the incident at the airport, he expressed a desire to meet with you.”

Comprehension dawned upon Jared after he heard the man’s explanation. They were all Chanaeans, so Jared nodded and agreed to meet the gang leader.

He also wanted to know if they knew about the ancient ruins of Ice Bear Island.

After all, they had resided here for decades. Shorty was overjoyed that Jared had accepted the invitation. He welcomed Jared and Gilbert into the car and began driving toward their destination.

Soon, Jared was brought to a huge courtyard with a few houses within. Shorty led them into a two-story house and cried out, “Mr. Thompson, they are here!”

A burly middle-aged man descended the stairs with a slow, graceful gait. His strong aura revealed him to be a martial artist.

The middle-aged man might only be a Martial Arts Grandmaster, but his rank was sufficient to garner admiration from the general populace.

After glancing at Jared and Gilbert, the middle- aged man couldn’t help but frown when he realized he couldn’t assess their ranks.

“Please, have a seat,” he exclaimed and gestured for them to sit down. He then told Shorty, “Serve them some coffee.”

“Sure!” Shorty quickly poured Jared and Gilbert a cup of coffee each. “May I know your name?” the middle-aged man asked Jared. “My name is Jared Chance,” Jared told him politely.

“Jared Chance?” The man frowned as if something had just come to mind. He said, “I heard about a talented young man who has risen in Chanaea. His name is also Jared Chance. He’s already the head of the largest martial arts sect in Jadeborough at a young age. Is that you?”

He observed Jared carefully. Jared was unaware that his reputation had already spread to other countries.

However, he didn’t want too many people to learn about his whereabouts, so he shook his head and said, “Perhaps we happen to have the same name. I’m nowhere near as capable as him!”

“That’s what I think, too. You don’t look like a Greater Martial Arts Marquis to me!” the man exclaimed heartily. He then continued, “Thank you for extending help at the airport. Otherwise, my subordinates would’ve gotten the short end of the stick. Now that you’re here, just let me know if you need help. We’re all Chanaeans, and The Chanaean Brotherhood was established to prevent Chanaeans from getting bullied.”

“Thank you!” Jared thanked him gratefully. “May I have the honor of knowing your name?” “My name is Dale Thompson,” the man replied.

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