A Man Like None Other Chapter 1776

Jared knew he was bound to lose after knowing that his opposition had seven Greater Martial Arts Marquis and two sacred martial arts relics on their side. How is Warriors Alliance so wealthy? How did they end up with so many sacred martial arts relics?

“With your capability now, do you still think you can rescue your girlfriend?” Arthur asked. Jared instantly went silent, for he knew there was no way he could save Josephine.

With that in mind, Jared sat back down dejectedly. At that moment, his fighting spirit and the powerful aura he was exuding had vanished.

Arthur, on the other hand, smiled when he saw the look on Jared’s face. “Don’t be discouraged. You have something nobody else has.”

With that, Arthur generated a faint ray of red light in his palm and waved at Jared. Right away, Dragonslayer Sword came flying. out of Jared’s body.

Jared was stunned when he saw that. Dragonslayer Sword has merged with my body. I can only make it appear if I have the intention of summoning it, no? I didn’t even think about it just now. How is it now in Mr. Sanders’ grip?

Dragonslayer Sword was buzzing loudly in Arthur’s grip. At the same time, it was releasing waves and waves of terrifying sword energy and brilliant golden rays.

Jared was stumped when he sensed the horrifying aura Dragonslayer Sword was emitting. I never knew Dragonslayer Sword could be that powerful!

“In the face of this sword, those sacred martial arts relics are as good as trash. However, it’s such a shame that you’ve been so focused on improving yourself that you’ve neglected it. Remember this. It is a part of you. Weapons could also be your strength. You can’t neglect it.”

Upon finishing his sentence, Arthur let go of Dragonslayer Sword, and it immediately returned to Jared’s body.

Jared thought about what Arthur said, and he felt ashamed. All this while, I’ve been so jealous of the others for owning sacred martial arts relics and was so adamant about getting one for myself that I had completely forgotten about Dragonslayer Sword!

What I have is a spiritual sword! It’s a spiritual sword with sword spirit! I’ve been busy looking for resources to improve myself, but I never thought about improving Dragonslayer Sword’s ability!

If I were to improve it by merely battling with it, it’s going to take eons, Wait… I don’t even know how to improve Dragonslayer Sword’s ability, do I? I can devour beast cores, consume spiritual medicines, and even absorb others’ powers to improve myself. However, I don’t know how to improve Dragonslayer Sword! I can’t let it devour beast cores. It can’t do that!

“Mr. Sanders, I have a question. How do I improve Dragonslayer Sword’s ability?” Jared asked. “If you win a game of chess against me, I’ll tell you.” Arthur smiled.

Jared took a deep breath and nodded resolutely. After that, he tried his best to regain his composure, forget about all the distractions in his mind, and focus on playing chess with Arthur.

Alas, to his frustration, Jared couldn’t even win once against Arthur. Seeing how difficult it was, Jared started to panic.

Arthur noticed Jared’s anxiety and said, “Playing a game of chess is like finding your way in life. We’re not playing chess here, are we? We’re dealing with life. You ought to see the bigger picture.”

Jared listened to Arthur’s advice and observed the chessboard carefully. All of a sudden, the chessboard changed before his eyes. The chessboard is filled with arcane arrays, and the pawns are the cores that can break the arcane arrays! I’ve finally figured out what Mr. Sanders meant!

Right then, runes began flashing across Jared’s mind, and each rune represented a miniature arcane array. By utilizing the inheritance from Skywrath Sect, Jared secured a narrow victory against Arthur.

After the game finished, Jared realized that the charm spells he had inherited had also enhanced. Now, I’ve even figured out the charm spells that I couldn’t understand before this!

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