A Man Like None Other Chapter 1775

Just when Jared was about to end the meeting and proceed with making the preparations, someone reported that Xavier from the Law Enforcement Department had arrived, and Jared immediately had his men welcome Xavier inside.

It has been a long time since I last met him. I wonder what he’s up to lately.

Xavier stepped in and froze slightly upon seeing Jared. A smile crept onto his face soon after. “I can tell you’ve improved your strength a lot, Jared. I still remember the first time I met you. You were but a kid who was bullied by people, and you even needed protection from Rayleigh. But in just one year’s time, you’ve become the leader of Jadeborough’s biggest sect!”

Xavier sighed inwardly. A year ago, he regarded Jared as an insignificant fry, but now, he had to look up to Jared.

“Don’t flatter me too much, Captain Jennings. One wouldn’t visit without reason. You can just tell me why you’re here,” Jared remarked with a faint smile.

“Mr. Sanders asked to meet you, and I’m here to pick you up.” “Mr. Sanders asked to meet me?” Jared was surprised as he did not know why Arthur wanted to meet him at this time.

“Yeah, come with me. Don’t make Mr. Sanders wait too long.”

After saying that, Xavier grabbed Jared’s hand and pulled him along. Soon, Jared arrived at the Department of Justice, only to see Arthur leisurely drinking coffee with a chessboard placed in front of him.

Noticing Jared, Arthur waved him over while uttering, “Come sit down, Jared. Have a match with me.” Jared was stupefied. Did he summon me here just to play chess with me?

Despite his confusion, he remained silent and walked toward Arthur, taking a seat in front of the latter. Arthur personally poured Jared a cup of coffee. “Have a taste. This coffee is authentic.”

Studying Arthur, Jared tried to guess what was going on in the other man’s mind but to no avail, so he could only sip on the coffee. “It’s good.”

“Hahaha, whether coffee is good or not. depends on the person’s mood. It actually has nothing to do with the coffee.”

Pausing for a while, Arthur added, “Have a match with me. Let me see if you’re good at chess or not.”

With a big smile spread across his face, Arthur grabbed a chess piece and made his move. The two played several rounds, and Jared lost every single round.

Instead of making any comments about Jared’s skills, Arthur merely asked Jared to continue playing with him. However, at that instance, Jared’s forehead was already covered in sweat as he felt anxious.

I’m making preparations to save Josephine. I don’t have the time to waste playing chess here with Mr. Sanders! Although Arthur noticed Jared’s anxiousness, he still kept quiet and continued playing chess with the other man.

In the end, Jared could not hold it in anymore. “Is there anything else I can help you with, Mr. Sanders? If there’s nothing, then please excuse me, for I have unsettled matters.”

“Are you going to save your girlfriend?” Arthur asked while wearing a faint smile..

Jared froze momentarily before nodding. “Yes. She’s been trapped in the cell for far too long. Now that I’m strong enough, I’ll definitely get her out of there.”

“Strong enough?” Arthur slowly raised his head to look at Jared. “How strong are you right now?” “I’m now a Fifth Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis.”

“Fifth Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis,” Arthur repeated. Then, he suddenly swung his palm at Jared, shocking the latter.

Jared instinctively tried to dodge it, but he was too late. He was sent flying backward by the force, landing on a chair and smashing it to pieces.

Despite the impact, he was unscathed. With a darkened expression, Jared stared at Arthur.

“Do you think you can defeat seven Greater Martial Arts Marquises and two sacred martial arts relics with your current strength?” Arthur questioned, staring straight at Jared.

“Two sacred martial arts relics?” Jared froze. “You mean to say Warriors Alliance has two sacred martial arts relics?” “That’s right.” Arthur confirmed with a nod.

Hearing that, Jared panicked. He had had at difficult time dealing with one sacred martial arts relic, and that was with the assistance of his blood demon.

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