A Man Like None Other Chapter 1774

“M-Mr. Malphas?” As Skylar was merely a Black Copper Robe at the moment, he was too insignificant to meet a big shot like Malphas.

Yet, Malphas was currently inside his body, which meant all the Black Robes would have to heed his words. “Obey me, kid, and I will increase your strength remarkably,” uttered Malphas indifferently.

“Yes, of course!” Skylar’s eyes lit up as a smirk crept onto his face. “Just you wait, Jared.” On the other side, at Deragon Sect, Jared was assembling the members for a meeting, which was a first ever since he established the sect.

As Deragon Sect’s temporary patriarch, Rayleigh had been in charge of Deragon Sect after Godrick went to Encanta Island. “What did you just say, Mr. Deragon? Warriors Alliance rebuilt all their buildings in three days?” Jared queried.

“Yes, three days. It was as if their buildings. came out of nowhere. They seem even more magnificent than the ones from before! Also, Warriors Alliance now has seven advanced- phase Greater Martial Arts Marquises

supervising them. Besides that, they have countless Martial Arts Marquises and Martial Arts Grandmasters as well. I wonder how they managed to muster so many members in such a short time when you’ve just destroyed the whole alliance and even killed many of their high-ranking members. Could Gilbert be right? Are those people from the secret realm or something?”

As Rayleigh did not understand anything about the secret realm, he was flabbergasted. Jared, however, was deep in thought.

It seems the Warriors Alliance is stronger than ! thought. How many expert fighters are there in their secret realm? The ones who made themselves known are merely Greater Martial Arts Marquises. Maybe that old hunchbacked man is a Martial Arts Saint, but I can’t be too sure. After all, the blood demon I summoned that time chased him away with only two slaps, so I can’t tell how strong he actually is. Right now, I have no sacred martial arts relic, and I can no longer control the blood demon.

I don’t know if I’ll make it if I face those seven Greater Martial Arts Marquises. I thought with Warriors Alliance destroyed, I would be able to enter the dungeon. and get Josephine out of the prison cell. Never have I thought that the alliance would restore itself in just three days and even muster many expert fighters out of nowhere.

With that thought in mind, Jared was at a loss for what he should do.

Even though Deragon Sect seemed strong, it was still newly established, and the ones who were truly formidable could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

If they were to engage in a battle with the Greater Martial Arts Marquises, Evangeline and Flaxseed were probably the only ones who could be of some help.

As for the others, they weren’t strong enough to clash with advanced-phase Greater Martial Arts Marquises. Right then, Gilbert entered and stated, “Mr. Chance, even if you were to face seven Greater Martial Arts Marquises, it doesn’t mean it’s completely hopeless. Have you forgotten you have that one thing?”

“What thing?” Jared asked, stunned. “The blood demon!” “But I can’t control the blood demon anymore. There’s nothing I can do about it,” replied Jared, disheartened.

“Even though you can’t control it anymore, using its body as your shield is something you can consider. Its body is so powerful that a sacred martial arts relic can’t destroy it, let alone a Greater Martial Arts Marquis.”

Jared’s eyes lit up when he heard the suggestion. “That’s right. How could I have forgotten about this?” If I use the blood demon’s body as a shield, it’ll probably be pissed to death if it’s still alive.

With that in mind, Jared’s confidence was boosted. Never mind, I’ll ask for help from Evangeline and Flaxseed when that time comes. It’s still possible for me to defeat those seven Greater Martial Arts Marquises.

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