A Man Like None Other Chapter 1767

Meanwhile, the old hunchbacked man was standing before theke mountain at Warriors Alliance, which was reduced to rubble. By chanting an incantation, he unleashed a magecraft technique that surrounded the entire fake mountain with a mysterious energy.

As the surrounding space warped and contorted, the elderly man and the entire fake mountain disappeared completely. They then reappeared in a place that was full of lush greenery.

The place was one of Warriors Alliance’s secret realms, which was also where the dungeon was located.

The dungeon of Warriors Alliance outside of the secret realm was merely a projection of the actual dungeon. Despite it being practically a carbon copy of the real dungeon, it was impossible to rescue someone from it, for everything was fake.

Even if Jared did manage to open the cell door and rescue Josephine from the fake dungeon, she would vanish the moment she was brought out of the range of the dungeon’s arcane array.

The real Josephine was actually being held captive in the secret realm. That was the reason why Tanner said Warriors Alliance was merely a bait. He wouldn’t be affected in the slightest even though it was destroyed.

The fact that Warriors Alliance was able to access the secret realm and project the dungeon into the mundane world showed just how powerful they were.

However, Jared wasn’t aware of that at the moment and was still working hard to rescue Josephine.

A member of Black Silver Robe quickly stepped forward to welcome the old hunchbacked man the moment he entered the secret realm. “Malphas, Lord Tanner has given the order for you to open up the secret realm and restore Warriors Alliance.”

With a frown on his face, the old hunchbacked man waved at the person and said, “Got it. Warriors Alliance will be restored in three days. Have you guys managed to find the recovery area?”

The member of Black Silver Robe shook his head. “Not yet, but we do know its general direction.”

“You guys will have to pick up the pace, then. We need to find it and occupy it before the other secret realms do. The laws of nature have no power over us at the moment. That’s our biggest advantage, so make full use of it,” the old hunchbacked man said.

The Black Silver Robe member nodded and hurried off to carry out his duties. The old hunchbacked man then took his shirt off and stared at the wound on his chest that Jared had left with his scepter.

“Just you wait, Jared… Sooner or later, I will kill you and obtain your body…” he mumbled with an icy-cold glint in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Flaxseed had recovered from his injuries long ago and was enjoying the time of his life on Encanta Island with various women at his service.

Norm treated Flaxseed like a king and tried his best to satisfy all of Flaxseed’s requests, especially those regarding women.

Flaxseed was having such a great time on Encanta Island that he had forgotten about the two beautiful women from the Simmons family.

“You sure are doing well, Mr. Flaxseed. It looks like I shouldn’t have worried about your well- being, after all!” Jared said as he entered the palace hall and saw the satisfied grin on Flaxseed’s face.

Flaxseed quickly leaped to his feet and pressed a hand against his chest. “I’ll have you know that I’m still suffering from shortness of breath! I nearly died while trying to save your life!”

Jared could tell that Flaxseed was putting on an act, but he chose not to expose the latter. “Get ready. We’re going to Whitesea.” Flaxseed froze. “Huh? Whitesea? Why are we going there?”

“You’ve always wanted to return to the Simmons residence, right? If I recall correctly, someone’s waiting for you there!” Jared replied with a smile.

“No, I’m not going. I’m still injured, so I’m unfit for travel at the moment. I’ll just stay here while I recover from my injuries,” Flaxseed said with a wave before returning to his seat.

“Oh? Is that fickleness I’m sensing, Mr. Flaxseed?” Jared asked. Flaxseed shook his head. “Nonsense! I’m a very loyal man! I just can’t go back right now due to my physical condition!”

“Ah, that’s a shame. I was thinking of having you accompany me as I head over to Skywrath Sect and explore its ancient ruins. If you’re not fit for travel, then I guess I’ll just have to go. there myself,” Jared said with a sigh and started walking out of there.

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