A Man Like None Other Chapter 1764

Boom! The look on the old hunchbacked man’s face changed when the blood demon’s seemingly. casual punch came into contact with his palm.

Despite how effortless the blood demon made it seem, that punch packed a terrifyingly immense power that sent the old hunchbacked man flying upon contact without giving him the chance to react.

“This blood demon is at least thousands of years old! How is it still so powerful?” the old hunchbacked man exclaimed with a grimace as he got back on his feet.

He had severely underestimated the blood. demon’s power. Unbeknownst to him, the blood demon’s physical body was not a mere corpse.

The blood demon’s physical body still retained some aura and had been absorbing the life energy from those on Encanta Island for many years. Had Jared not shown up in time, the blood demon would’ve been completely revived.

As such, it would be a big mistake to assume that the blood demon was just an ordinary corpse.

Jared was overjoyed when he saw that the old hunchbacked man was no match for the blood demon at all. He then controlled the blood demon and launched another attack at the old hunchbacked man..

The old hunchbacked man tensed up as he raised his hand high into the air, turning the sky above him dark and gloomy in an instant.

The dark clouds then gathered and formed a gigantic fist before flying toward the blood demon. Jared’s expression grew incredibly solemn when he saw the magecraft technique that the old hunchbacked man unleashed.

This old man must be really powerful since he’s capable of using such a terrifying magecraft technique!

At that very moment, Jared was able to truly feel the strength of Warriors Alliance. The blood demon lifted its head, glanced at the incoming gigantic fist, and retaliated by punching at it.

Despite having a tiny frame, the blood demon’s punch contained an unbelievably huge amount of power.

A strong gust of gale blew through the area as the punch shattered that gigantic fist in an instant. Blood trickled out of the old hunchbacked man’s mouth as he staggered a few steps back.

“How is this possible? This creature is nothing but a zombie puppet! How is it able to generate so much power?” he exclaimed in confusion and disbelief.

Having neutralized the gigantic fist, the blood demon charged at the old hunchbacked man like a rabid beast. The old hunchbacked man thrust his hands into the ground and began chanting an incantation.


Following a loud noise, the ground began. shaking, and a one-meter-wide gap formed in the ground. Horrifying roars soon echoed in the seemingly bottomless hole.

“Come forth, hellhound!” the old hunchbacked man yelled. Responding to the old hunchbacked man’s summon, a fully-black wolfdog came jumping. out of the gap in the ground.

Despite emerging from a dark and seemingly bottomless abyss, the wolfdog appeared to be rather gentle and tame, unlike its vicious name.

Jared furrowed his brows as he stared at the wolfdog standing before him. This is unbelievable! Is there really another

dimension underneath the ground? Is this old man really able to open a portal to the underworld and summon a creature from it?

While Jared was trying to process the situation, the wolfdog ran up to the old hunchbacked man obediently. The old hunchbacked man then cut his finger, and blood came gushing out.

As the wolfdog licked the blood off the old hunchbacked man’s finger, its aura began to change, and its body continued to increase in size.

On top of that, its eyes became bloodshot as it emanated a terrifying aura. Jared’s eyes lit up with excitement as he observed the wolfdog’s transformation process.

He wasn’t the least bit afraid. Instead, he was thrilled. If I can kill this hellhound and obtain its beast core, then I will be able to receive a huge boost in strength! Alternatively, I could capture this old man and absorb his power. This old man is clearly a lot more powerful than I am, so I’ll definitely have a lot to gain from absorbing his power.

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