A Man Like None Other Chapter 1763

“Hmph! What an ignorant and fearless fool.” The old hunchbacked man snorted derisively. “Get him!” Ignoring the elderly man’s words, Jared commanded the blood demon to attack.

The blood demon ruthlessly swatted at the old hunchbacked man with its palm.

Snorting, the old hunchbacked man began to chant, and a wavy aura began to form above his hands. As the speed of his chanting increased by the minute, the ancient and mysterious aura surged and erupted.

All of a sudden, a bolt of light struck the blood demon’s head.

The blood demon that was about to attack froze in its tracks. At that moment, Jared also sensed that something had severed the spiritual sense connection between himself and the blood demon.

The look on Jared’s face changed drastically. Bewildered, he stared at the old hunchbacked man. What did he just do? How did he sever my connection with the blood demon?

The old hunchbacked man smirked. His obsidian dark eyes gleamed coldly, bringing with them an overwhelming sense of pressure. “A zombie puppet will be reduced to a mere corpse once the spiritual sense is cut off. Did you really think it was capable of taking on someone from Warriors Alliance?”

Frowning, Jared focused on his spiritual sense. I need to regain control of the blood.

demon’s body! However, all his attempts seemed to be blocked by something. Cold sweat began to form on Jared’s forehead.

All of a sudden, the blood demon jerked upright and started moving. However, the old hunchbacked man had become the person who was controlling him.

The old hunchbacked man had sent his spiritual sense into the blood demon’s body, thereby gaining control of its movements.

“This is quite a powerful corpse. I didn’t know you had it in you to turn it into a zombie puppet. Sadly, your spiritual sense is too weak!”

The old hunchbacked man sneered as he controlled the blood demon to approach Jared. Closing his eyes slightly, Jared envisioned the golden spiritual sense in his mind rushing out and encasing the blood demon.

I’m confident that my spiritual sense will be able to get into the blood demon!

The blood demon was fast approaching. All of a sudden, a streak of golden light shot out from between the blood demon’s brows. It instantly melded with Jared’s spiritual sense, forming at connection.

As it turned out, that was the blood essence Jared had left inside the blood demon when he was creating the zombie puppet earlier. It had reacted to Jared’s spiritual sense.

Jared’s spiritual sense entered the blood demon’s body, fighting against the old hunchbacked man for control over the blood demon.

The two men’s spiritual senses clashed head- on inside the blood demon’s body. The old hunchbacked man smirked. To him, Jared was merely an insignificant ant.

The battle between the two spiritual senses grew intense. If it weren’t for the blood demon’s sturdy body, it would have been torn to shreds. by now.

As the two spiritual senses continued to fight for control, the old hunchbacked man’s expression suddenly turned grim. He had not expected Jared’s spiritual sense to be so powerful.

Jared’s spiritual sense continued gushing nonstop into the blood demon’s body. He had turned his surges of spiritual sense into sharp blades, using them to launch continuous attacks at the old hunchbacked man’s spiritual sense.

Surprisingly, the old hunchbacked man’s spiritual sense began to falter. Jared’s barrage coupled with the blood essence inside the blood demon turned the onslaught into a two- pronged attack.

Soon, the old hunchbacked man’s spiritual sense shattered, and Jared managed to regain control of the blood demon.

The old man’s expression turned grim as he stared at Jared in disbelief.

Truth be told, Jared had not made it out unscathed either. The battle of spiritual senses had depleted a large amount of his energy, causing his mind to be in a daze at that moment.

Nevertheless, he dared not rest. Immediately. after regaining control of the blood demon, he ordered it to attack. The blood demon sent a fist hurtling toward the old hunchbacked man.

Snorting derisively, the old hunchbacked man coalesced the aura within his body and held up a palm in an attempt to block the blood demon’s attack.

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