A Man Like None Other Chapter 1762

Jake was fearful and uneasy now that Warriors Alliance had sent people over. “Sir, please. Help me! It was a stopgap measure. I’ve never divulged any of Warriors Alliance’s secrets!” Jake begged the hunchback elderly man desperately.

“So, I was right. The warriors below Black Gold Robe tier are complete trash.”

Snorting in disdain, the old hunchbacked man shot out a beam of light from his eyes. By the time Jared tried to make a move, it was far too late.

The beam of light pierced Jake’s mind in the blink of an eye, causing his brain to explode and killing him instantly. Jared’s aura surged rapidly as he witnessed Jake die a miserable death before his very eyes.

He was aware that the elderly man was a formidable opponent and that he was no match for him at all. Thus, he sent out a thread of spiritual sense and hastily tried to summon the blood demon.

“You’re not qualified to fight us. If you submit to us, maybe we’ll consider letting your girlfriend go. We also have the means to raise your cultivation level rapidly with the resources at our disposal. Otherwise, it would be such a waste of your Golden Dragon’s True Form.” The elderly man smirked as he glanced at Jared.

“If you are sincere about having me join, release my girlfriend first. Then, perhaps I’ll consider joining you,” Jared said as he stalled time for his blood demon to arrive.

“Hahaha! Do you take me for a fool?” The elderly man guffawed. “Don’t worry, I’ll give you time. I’d like to see for myself the true form of that expert you’re waiting for.”

The elderly man’s words surprised Jared. He asked, “Were you the one who set up the arcane array in the dungeon?”

Only the person who set up the arcane array would be able to sense its fluctuation, thus finding out that Jared had an expert with him who was capable of dismantling it.

“You give me too much credit. No, I wasn’t the one who set it up, but I’d advise you to give up. No one can break that arcane array. There is no way you can rescue your girlfriend. However, when her value diminishes, we may consider releasing her.

Though I must say, she has special blood that’s comparable to spiritual medicine as well as a fiery constituent, so I don’t think she will ever leave the dungeon.” The old hunchbacked man chuckled coldly.

The mention of Josephine caused the rage within Jared to boil over. His body began emitting a golden light as Golem Body covered every inch of his skin.

At the same time, the blood demon had finally arrived. It stood behind Jared, awaiting his orders impassively. The elderly hunchback’s eyes gleamed when he spotted the blood demon standing behind Jared.

“So, it was a blood demon. I was wondering which ancient being was resurrected.”

The old hunchbacked man sneered when he spotted the blood demon. “Do you think you’re invincible just because you have this little old thing?”

When Jared saw that the elderly man instantly recognized the blood demon, his eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets in shock.

This blood demon has been dead for thousands of years. How does this old man still know of its existence? Is he a monster that has been alive for thousands of years too?

At Jared’s astonished look, the old hunchbacked man replied, “If the blood demon was truly alive, I probably would not be able to survive its attacks. But now, it is merely a body that you have turned into a zombie puppet.

Moreover, with your current level, even if you can turn it into a zombie puppet, your control of the blood demon will not last seven days. I had thought you had an expert fighting alongside you. Turns out you were merely counting on a dead creature to act all high and mighty.”

The old hunchbacked man’s disdain made Jared grimace. Just who is this elderly man? How does he know so much?

“Even though the blood demon is already dead, it’s still a piece of cake for it to kill you.” Jared urged the blood demon to attack the old hunchbacked man.

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