A Man Like None Other Chapter 1761

Upon hearing that, Jared rolled his eyes. Everyone knew destroying an arcane array’s core could dismantle the whole thing in an instant because that was the weakest part of every array. However, the difficulty lay in finding the core.

As though he had read Jared’s mind, Gilbert speedily added, “Every charm corresponds to an arcane array, and Mr. Flaxseed is a charm master. If you can find him, perhaps he’ll locate the core for you or directly break the arcane array.”

When Jared heard that, his eyes lit up. Indeed, every charm has a unique effect because the arcane array on those charms is different! For example, if I can attach Death Trap Formation or Mountain Defense Formation to a charm, the charm will be able to unleash that specific effect! However, of course, not everyone’s capable of that ability.

While someone may be able to set up an arcane array, they may not necessarily be capable of drawing runic talismans and transplanting the effects onto a charm. The reverse is the same. Flaxseed may be capable of drawing runic talismans, and his charm spells are nearly invincible, but that doesn’t mean he can set up a Mountain Defense Formation if someone asks him to!

Everything is connected, yet starkly different. I think I understand everything now. After I execute Jake in public the next day, I’ll visit Flaxseed. If Flaxseed can’t help, I’ll head to Skywrath Sect’s ancient ruins. Maybe we’ll get lucky there. With a blood demon around, I don’t need to worry about the traps in the ruins because the demon is like a walking tank.

The next morning, a sea of people gathered in the martial arts arena because Jared had decided to hold Jake’s execution there. Jake would be the first president of Warriors Alliance to be executed.

Usually, the authorities would prevent that kind of display. After all, Jared’s Deragon Sect was just a sect. It didn’t have the authority to kill the president of Warriors Alliance in public.

However, the authorities didn’t even make a peep. Although, the crowd understood why the authorities stayed silent, given Jared’s relationship with Arthur.

Jared personally dragged Jake out of the dungeon in Deragon Sect. Jake’s countenance paled, for he already knew his fate.

“Y-You can’t kill me, Jared. I can tell you many more secrets Warriors Alliance was hiding!” he exclaimed, trembling in fear, Jared was stunned to hear that. “What other secrets do you know?”

“I’ll tell you if you promise not to kill me first.” Icily, Jared questioned, “Do you think you’re in a position to negotiate?”

Upon witnessing Jared’s frigid demeanor, Jake hesitated, gritted his teeth, and uttered, “Okay, I’ll tell you. I hope you’ll let me go…”

Right before Jake could reveal the secrets, ant old man’s voice rang out. “You have some nerve to call the surface-level information you know ‘secrets.”

Both Jared and Jake promptly turned in the direction of the voice and saw a hunched old man. They had no idea how long the old man had been standing behind them.

Jared was shocked. “Who are you? How did you get in here?”

Right now, Deragon Sect is heavily guarded. There’s no way a stranger could’ve entered this place easily. Yet, I didn’t detect his presence at all, even though he was right behind me! How powerful is this old man?

“How I got in isn’t important. What’s important is that this Black Silver Robe brings shame to Warriors Alliance for being this afraid of death.” The old man sighed and shook his head. Frowning, Jared questioned, “Are you a member of Warriors Alliance?”

Meanwhile, Jake was so terrified that his expression changed drastically. He had no idea who the hunched old man was because whenever there was a meeting in Warrior’s Alliance, everyone who attended wore a black robe. Therefore, no one knew who each other was.

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