A Man Like None Other Chapter 1758

The blood demon was about to step forward to land the finishing blow on Jake, but Jared stopped it. “Don’t kill him.” Jared intended to have Jake lead him to the dungeon to rescue Josephine.

The blood demon paused in its tracks before retreating. Bringing the scepter with him, Jared arrived before Jake and said coldly, “Negotiations are off the table. Take me to the dungeon.”

Jake looked at the blood demon and then at the scepter in Jared’s hand before taking a deep breath. “Even if you enter the dungeon, you will not be able to break your girlfriend out of there.”

“Enough with the nonsense. You just need to bring me in, and whether or not I succeed in my endeavor is my own business.” Jared pulled Jake to his feet..

Limp and meek, Jake followed Jared toward the back gate of Warriors Alliance. Upon approaching the fake mountain, Jared ordered, “Open the dungeon.”

Jake did not dare oblige because he was aware of the consequences of betraying Tanner.

“Even if I open the dungeon, Jared, you won’t be able to rescue your girlfriend because she is locked in a specially-made cell. There’s no way you will succeed,” he said with a grimace. Jared glared at Jake, and all of a sudden, his spiritual sense invaded the latter’s subconscious.

Having sustained considerable injuries, Jake was in no shape to withstand the relentless torment that Jared’s spiritual sense was subjecting him to.

The intense agony made him feel like his head was splitting open. “Open the dungeon, and you no longer have to suffer, Jared told Jake.

Left with no choice, Jake was forced to acquiesce. He walked toward the fake mountain and used magecraft to move it, slowly revealing the entrance to the dungeon.

Elated to see the dungeon opening, Jared was about to dash in. However, on second thought, he grew wary of traps within. So, he had Jake walk in front of him.

The pair walked until they arrived at Josephine’s cell. Unable to keep his emotions in check, Jared charged toward the cell. Gripping the iron doors of the cell, he shouted Josephine’s name.

At that moment, Josephine was sitting in bed. The cell was well-furnished and well-equipped with daily necessities.

Josephine was delighted to hear Jared’s voice. Whipping her head around and seeing Jared, she couldn’t help bursting into tears.

“Jared! Jared!” She dashed to the door and clutched Jared’s hands. “How did you get in here? Did they capture you as well?” “No. I’m here to rescue you. I’m bringing you out of here.”

Jared caressed Josephine’s cheeks gently. The woman’s complexion appeared fine, but her spirits were low due to her extended captivity in the cell.

“Quick, open the cell door at once!” Jared commanded Jake impatiently. “I cannot do that,” Jared said flatly. “Yeah, right. You can, and you will. I’ll beat you to death if you don’t.”

Livid, Jared began assaulting Jake, who was utterly defenseless against his strikes. As such, he could only cower and endure the punches and kicks that rained down on him.

Despite being covered in bruises, Jake still shook his head. “I swear I can’t. I don’t have the authority to open the cell door.”

“Then tell me. Who has the authority to do so?” Jared demanded as he yanked Jake up by the collar. “Skylar can. He knows how to open the cell door.”

Jake shot a fearful glance at Jared, who looked deranged, and decided to sell Skylar out. “Where is he? Have him get over here right this instance!” Jared yelled, demanding for Skylar to emerge.

However, at that moment, Skylar was not even at Warriors Alliance but was instead in a secret room custom-made for cultivation exclusive to the Warriors Alliance.

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