A Man Like None Other Chapter 1753

Just then, Gilbert spoke. “It’s nothing strange for the Warriors Alliance to gather eight Greater Martial Arts Marquis. I know that they even have Martial Arts Saints in their midst.” “Martial Arts Saints?” Jared was utterly flabbergasted.

“That’s right. The Warriors Alliance has a very strict policy about ranking. Whatever you know about them is probably just the tip of the iceberg. The real masterminds behind the alliance are most likely orchestrating everything from the secret realm. The logos on their black robes represent the various ranks. I heard that the ultimate Black Gold Robe is a Martial Arts Saint, but I’ve not seen him before,” Gilbert explained patiently to Jared.

The inquisitive Rayleigh gazed at Gilbert and then posed a question to Jared. “Who’s this, Jared? He seems to know the Warriors Alliance like the back of his palm.”

“He’s a friend of mine.” Jared gave a short reply. Then, he asked Gilbert, “Why do you know the Warriors Alliance so well?”

The latter shook his head, saying, “This is all that I know. Zion told me they have a lot more secrets. Actually, the president of the Warriors Alliance has very little power, and that’s why he doesn’t know much. One thing is for sure, the Warriors Alliance isn’t what you presume it to be. I’m afraid it’s impossible for you to uproot the entire alliance. However, you might still be able to save your girlfriend with the help of this zombie puppet.”

Gilbert provided a lot of details to Jared as he felt somewhat touched when the latter addressed him as a friend earlier. “No matter what, I must give it a try.” Jared was resolute and unswerving.

In the Warriors Alliance in Jadeborough, Jake had gathered quite a number of Black Copper Robes after succeeding Skylar as the new president. He had also summoned seven Black Silver Robes.

Ever since Jared established Deragon Sect, people started avoiding the Warriors Alliance. There were hardly any sects or prestigious families joining them anymore.

Conversely, sects and prominent families that were once members of the alliance chose to cut off ties with it one after another.

With that, Jake was like a general without an army. Hence, he came up with a plan to improve the capabilities of the Warriors Alliance by showcasing its strengths and power to more sects and prestigious families. For that, he gathered many Black Copper Robe warriors, as well as seven Black Silver Robes.

The Black Silver Robes were all Greater Martial Arts Marquis, and each of them was incredibly mighty. On the other hand, the Black Copper Robe warriors were fairly powerful individuals too.

When the people from the distinguished families and sects witnessed how strong the Warriors Alliance was, some started to cozy up to them once more.

In a realistic society, there were bound to be people who switched sides easily for their own benefit. With everything benchmarked against one’s ability, it was a norm for people to side. with the dominant ones.

Jake was sitting in the hall of the Warriors. Alliance building in Jadeborough with a scepter in his hand and a scowl on his face.

What’s so great about Skylar? Why was he allowed to cultivate in the secret room? What gives? I thought he’d become worthless as soon as I replaced him as the new leader and would be sentenced to death. Why was he sent to the secret room for cultivation instead?

Despite the great displeasure he felt, Jake dared not complain. He was apprehensive to challenge Tanner’s power.

“Lately, Jared’s whereabouts are very uncertain, but it could be a good thing for us. As long as he doesn’t find fault with us, we shall keep our distance. Please focus on the cultivation process, everybody.

I’ll make you a priority and provide you with the girl’s fresh blood. Tanner is infuriated by what has become of the Warriors Alliance. Therefore, we must stand united and restore the alliance to its former glory.” Jake told the group of Black Copper Robe and Black Silver Robe warriors.

However, none of the audience responded because they knew how challenging it was for the Warriors Alliance to regain its former glory.

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