A Man Like None Other Chapter 1751

If it was two against one, Jared knew that he and Evangeline could hold that man back. However, they had zero chance of winning. against two opponents. In fact, they might not be able to survive even one move from the other party.

Right when Jared was about to risk his life in the battle, the ground shook violently like there was an earthquake. On the heels of that came a ray of white light shooting into the sky, followed by a resounding explosion.

At that instant, the man and woman froze in the act and cast a solemn gaze in the direction of the forbidden ground. Gradually, the dazzling light disappeared, and a ghastly aura enveloped the entire forbidden ground. “This is…?”

They widened their eyes, looking grim. Soon, two figures walked out from the dark forbidden ground.

The one leading in front was Gilbert. His aura had dwindled significantly, and he looked pale. It was not hard to guess that the magecraft he had been using had taken a huge toll on him.

Trailing behind Gilbert was the physical body of the blood demon, which had been turned into a zombie puppet!

The blood demon stood there like a soulless robot. His eyes were dull and lifeless. “Mr. Chance, we’ve succeeded…” Gilbert spoke weakly. “Good. You should get some rest now.”

After ensuring that Gilbert was getting his deserved rest, Jared entered the blood demon’s body and connected with the remains of his own spiritual sense left inside the body.

Jared was overjoyed. He could not hide his feelings and burst out laughing despite being in bad shape. On the contrary, the man and woman looked extremely sullen.

“Hurry up and get rid of that fellow! His spiritual sense is now connected with the blood demon’s body!” the woman promptly urged as she noticed something amiss.

Immediately, the man leaped into the air. The scorching flames on his body burned fiercely. and his aura also grew tremendously.

A terrifying danger awaited Jared. The man. was determined to give Jared a fatal blow,

leaving no chance for him to stay alive.

As Jared felt the crushing pressure and intimidating aura coming his way, he quickly activated his spiritual sense. With that, the physical body of the blood demon jumped up and blocked the man.

However, the man had no intention of stopping. He threw a powerful punch at the blood demon. A loud bang sounded, but the blood demon remained unscathed.

Conversely, the man was overwhelmed by an immense force of rebound energy that had his arm bending in a distorted manner. The man was shocked to the core when he saw his broken arm.

“How could he be so powerful?” uttered the man in disbelief. I struck the blood demon, but it didn’t take any action against me. How is it possible that my arm ended up broken, whereas the demon isn’t injured at all?

“Let’s go. We can’t stay here any longer,” the man said to the woman. She concurred and nodded in response. Subsequently, they both leaped into the sky.

“Kill them!” Jared instructed the blood demon. There was no way Jared would let them get away with it after what they had done to him.

As soon as the blood demon heard the order, it appeared behind the man even though no one saw it moving. Surprised by the ambush, the man instinctively threw a punch back in a desperate attempt to defend himself.

Unfortunately, the blood demon raised its hand, grabbed the man’s fist, and crushed it to pieces.

“Argh!” An agonized howl tore through the air, When the woman heard his pained shriek, she dared not idle for long but scurried away at lightning speed. In fact, she did not even bother to cast a gaze at the injured man.

Subsequently, the blood demon slapped the man across his face so hard his skull cracked and his brain burst. Whoosh! In an instant, blood spurted everywhere, and the man died on the spot. His soul gradually dissipated into the atmosphere.

Meanwhile, the woman seemed to have sensed the man’s disappearing aura. She turned back to have one last look before continuing her escape.

The blood demon was about to chase after her, but Jared stopped it. “Come back. Don’t go after her.” The moment the blood demon heard Jared’s instruction, it appeared right in front of him in the blink of an eye as if it had teleported.

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