A Man Like None Other Chapter 1748

Jared began to exude his aura from his body to resist the pressure. Golden lights shimmered on his body, illuminating the night sky and filling the hall with blinding light.

The man looked at Jared and narrowed his eyes. “What a surprise. Your body seems pretty strong too.” As he spoke, his figure vanished in a flash and reappeared before Jared! Then, he threw a punch toward Jared’s chest. Jared responded likewise, and their fists clashed.

Boom! The impact of their fists created a deafening. noise, and Jared was sent back several meters. On the contrary, the man simply swayed a little as his hand went numb.

“If this body of yours continues to grow, I’m afraid it will become stronger than the blood demon.” There was a hint of passion in the man’s slightly narrowed eyes.

“Don’t hurt him. Catch him instead. That’s a body of the highest quality.” The woman’s eyes were also gleaming brightly. Even the way she looked at Jared had changed. The man immediately looked at her with a grim expression. “Don’t tell me you’ve fallen for this kid.”

The woman furrowed her eyebrows. “What are you talking about? I’m just admiring his body.” “Then capture him yourself. I don’t care.”

The man seemed to be jealous and mad at the same time as he stopped fighting and walked aside.

Jared glanced between the couple and was at a loss for words. The two of them had completely ignored his presence.

The woman rolled her eyes at the man before turning to Jared. “Young man, obey me, and we will never hurt you. We will even make you stronger. I don’t want to hurt you, so you better not resist.”

The woman spoke while walking toward Jared. Her eyes seemed to glow captivatingly. She was using Charm Magic on Jared! However, Charm Magic clearly wasn’t her forte.

Compared to Melanie and Lyanna, her technique was far behind. Even the sisters’ Charm Magic couldn’t affect. Jared. Hence, there was no way he would be charmed by this woman.

Jared sneered inwardly. However, his face remained expressionless. Seeing Jared devoid of expression, the woman smirked slightly. She walked up to Jared and gently stroked his face with her hand.

Flaxseed witnessed the scene and slammed the ground with both his fists. “Unforgivable! Why is he the one getting all the action but not me?”

The woman exhaled softly and whispered, “Hey, be a good boy and come with me.” She took Jared’s hand, planning to lead him away.

Just as the woman was about to lift Jared’s hand, a glint sparked in Jared’s eyes, followed by a smirk appearing on his lips. Before the woman could react, Jared punched her with his Sacred Light Fist.

His fist buried into the woman’s abdomen and launched her into the air. Unprepared, the woman received Jared’s punch and fell heavily onto the ground with blood dripping from the corner of her mouth.

“D*mn! He’s unforgiving even against a woman?”

Flaxseed was shocked when he saw what happened. The man became furious after witnessing Jared sending the woman flying with a single punch. Red flames began to rise from his body.

The flames wrapped around him, releasing heat waves all over the place. Staring at the rising flames on the man’s body, Jared’s expression immediately turned grim.

He knows Flame Control Magic and seems to have perfect control over it!

Jared unleashed the Power of Dragons within his body, causing golden beams of light to emit from him. Then, a golden dragon wrapped around him.

Whoosh! With a wave of his hand, the man shot balls of flames from his body toward Jared. The temperature was so high that immense heat waves followed the attack.

Jared didn’t dare to take the blow head-on. He could only step back while dodging left and right. However, the balls of flames followed after him relentlessly as though they had eyes.

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