A Man Like None Other Chapter 1747

After punching to test the opponent’s strength, Jared knew that he was against opponents with strength far superior to his own. “Who the hell are you guys? What do you want from me? I’ll give you anything.”

At that moment, Jared knew that he and Flaxseed might be unable to stop them in a fight. Hence, he wanted to stall for more time.

“We are members of the Demon Sect, and we’ll be taking the vessel of the blood demon with us,” the man said to Jared.

“Demon Sect?” Jared was taken aback. He had never heard of such a sect. Not only that, he was stunned by the fact that they knew that the vessel of the blood demon was there.

“About that vessel you’re talking about, we don’t have anything like that here with us. Are you looking in the wrong place?” Jared pretended to be unaware.

“Boy, stop pretending. You know what we’re talking about. If you hand over the vessel to us now, we’ll leave without causing any trouble,” the woman uttered. “I really don’t know.” Jared shook his head.

“You’re still pretending. It seems like you won’t give up until the very last second.”

As the woman finished speaking, she raised her leg and drove it toward Jared. In an instant, her long ivory legs were already in front of Jared’s face!

Jared quickly stepped back, grabbed her ankles with both hands, and tugged!

However, the woman used it as a pivot to leap into the air and coiled her legs around Jared’s body, constricting him like a snake. Jared felt awkward being in such close contact with a woman.

“Okay, you succubus. Bring it on!” When Flaxseed saw what happened, he was green with envy. In a flash, he flung a charm in her direction.

The charm exploded in front of her, causing her to let go of Jared and dodge with a backflip!

“Jared, you’re strong. You take on the man, and I’ll deal with this woman.”

Flaxseed had his eyes fixated on the woman in front of him. However, his eyes kept sweeping across her long fair legs instead of focusing on her face.

The woman felt Flaxseed’s gaze and frowned in disgust. Noticing Flaxseed’s behavior, Jared was rendered speechless. Come on. Is this even the right time to be ogling her beauty?

“Mr. Flaxseed, she’s a formidable opponent. Be careful, Jared advised.

“Don’t worry. If I’ve learned anything, it’s how to deal with women. Watch and learn!” As Flaxseed spoke, he threw several charms at the woman, then charged at her.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The charms exploded in the air, the resulting flames cutting off her escape route.

By then, Flaxseed was already in front of her. With a lecherous expression, he opened his arms wide in a bid to hug her. The woman became irritated and threw a fierce punch.

Just when her fist was about to connect with Flaxseed, the charm on his chest detonated. The woman was startled by the explosion and attempted to retreat backward, only to realize she had nowhere to go!

Flaxseed quickly reached out and caressed her face. Immediately after, Flaxseed retreated quickly. However, he was a little too late.

Having her face touched by Flaxseed, the woman was beyond furious. Without a second thought, she sent him flying with a kick..

Crashing into the ground, Flaxseed bared his teeth in pain and muttered, “So soft, so smooth…”

Looking at Flaxseed, Jared was utterly speechless. Why is this guy so desperate to flirt with women?

“You must be tired of living!” The man got angry and unleashed a terrifying pressure from his body. Jared immediately felt an immense pressure crushing his body, and his legs trembled slightly.

On the other hand, lying on the ground, Flaxseed was entirely immobilized by the pressure and couldn’t get up at all.

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