A Man Like None Other Chapter 1729

Laughing, Flaxseed restored his original appearance after his cover was blown. Jared jumped down from the tree and spoke to Flaxseed. “This Transforming Clone Charm is pretty good, Mr. Flaxseed. It’s a shame you can’t alter your aura. If you can, no one will be able to tell the difference!”

Smugly, Flaxseed replied, “You haven’t even seen my charm spells that are more powerful yet.”

The samurai was infuriated when Jared and Flaxseed talked to each other as though he wasn’t there. Upon removing his katana from the sheath, he growled and swung it in the duo’s direction.

Casually, Jared grabbed the katana and snapped it in half. The group leader was bewildered by the difference between his enemy’s strength and his own.

Without delay, he tried to flee, but Jared smashed him into meat paste. “You should’ve left the last guy for me to kill. I wanted to get all of them,” Flaxseed lamented.

“There’s no time to waste. Let’s go.” Jared proceeded to dart toward the samurai’s hideout as Flaxseed followed behind him.

They expeditiously arrived at the foot of the mountain. The edges of Jared’s mouth curved upward when he noticed the untouched peak. Do they think I can’t find their hideout just because they camouflaged the entrance? I’ve already locked onto their location when I used my spiritual sense earlier!

Staring at the mountain, he raised his fist, which started glowing with a golden light, and punched forward.

Boom! The entire mountain shook as the entrance to the cave was blasted open.

“What’s going on?” Ono was flabbergasted as he watched the entire cave shake. “Someone has invaded our camp, Captain Jiro!” a subordinate reported.

“Quick, activate the arcane array!” Ono commanded loudly. Concurrently, the moment Jared cracked open the entrance, he sensed Evangeline’s familiar aura. “She’s inside!”

He and Flaxseed promptly dashed into the cave. However, soon after they entered the samurais’ hideout, dozens of white lights were shot in their direction.

Those white lights speedily formed a large net and trapped the duo. Meanwhile, Ono approached them with a group. of men and surrounded them. “Who are you people? How did you find this place?” Ono questioned.

“Can’t you see? We’re your ancestors. Anyway, I managed to find this lousy place with simple magecraft. So, if you don’t want to meet a horrible end, you’d better release the girl you captured!” Jared exclaimed.

Confidently, Ono mocked, “Ah, so you two are here to rescue the girl. Unfortunately for you, your endeavor is fruitless! No one can escape this cave!”

He wasn’t afraid of the intruders because they were bound by the arcane array.

“Who brought her here? There’s no way you’re powerful enough to kidnap her,” Jared inquired. It’s impossible he’s the one who captured Evangeline. While her strength is suppressed, she can still unleash the power of a Greater Martial Arts Marquis. On the other hand, this guy is only a Martial Arts Marquis.

“What’s the point of learning who captured her when you two are about to meet your end?”

Ono sneered. In response, Jared ridiculed, “What, you don’t have the balls to tell us even when we’re your captives? Did your master tell you to be a coward?”

He was intentionally pissing Ono off because he really wanted to know who captured Evangeline. Actually, I already had an idea who was the one responsible when I saw the samurais. I just need someone to confirm my guess.

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