A Man Like None Other Chapter 1728

Flaxseed nodded in response before they continued their journey with caution. Meanwhile, Jared expanded his spiritual sense and started scouting out his surroundings. That way, if there were any ninjas near them, he would be able to spot them immediately.

Concurrently, inside a cave, Ono was staring at Evangeline, his lust roused by her beauty. However, because of Kazuo’s command, he didn’t dare to do anything to her. Just as he stood up, he detected something with his spiritual sense.

“Intruders!” Ono’s expression changed as he ordered loudly, “Quick! Someone’s here! Send a group to intercept them while the others shut the hideout’s entrance!”

Moments later, more than a dozen warriors clad in black clothing bolted out of the cave. At the same time, creaking sounds were heard around the cave’s entryway. Soon, the entrance was sealed shut and blended perfectly into the mountain.

“More than a dozen people are heading our way, Mr. Flaxseed,” Jared warned.

Flaxseed spat with disdain, “I sense them. They’re just a group of Martial Arts Grandmasters. There isn’t even one Martial Arts Marquis among them. What a bunch of garbage.”

“Can you handle them?”

“What? Are you looking down on me?” Upon ending his sentence, Flaxseed muttered a spell and transformed his appearance to resemble the ninja he killed.

Grinning at Jared, he explained, “I’ll pretend to be one of them and catch them off guard.” Jared almost forgot he taught Flaxseed how to use a Transforming Clone Charm.

“In that case, I shall watch your performance.” Smiling faintly, he leaped onto a tree and completely concealed his presence.

As Flaxseed pretended to be hurt, he trudged forward and bumped into the samurais ahead of him. “What’s the situation?” the leader of the samurai group asked.

“Someone barged in here and killed our people,” Flaxseed replied weakly with a pale countenance.

“How dare someone trespassed into our camp! How insolent! Follow behind the group. I’ll go and kill that intruder right now!” the group leader roared and marched forward with his Flaxseed followed behind and patted the shoulder of the samurai furthest from the group.

“What’s the matter?” the samurai asked as he turned around. Just as he did, he saw the flash of a dagger before his neck was sliced open.

The samurai didn’t even have time to make a sound before he met his maker. Carefully, Flaxseed laid the samurai’s corpse on the ground so as not to alert the group.

His action was so clean and quiet that no one in the samurai group noticed a thing. Additionally, no one would suspect him because he looked like one of them at the moment.

Flaxseed murdered multiple samurais consecutively with the same technique. Jared, who was still hiding in the trees, almost laughed out loud when he saw that.

In the end, only the group leader was left. He was still stepping forward cautiously, preparing to strike at any moment with the katana in his hand.

After a while, the leader frowned slightly because he saw no trespassers. “We should split up and search for the interloper. You all-”

Just as he turned his head back and was about to relay his order, he realized there was no one but Flaxseed left behind him. The leader was shocked. “Where are the others?” Flaxseed shook his head. “I don’t know…”

At that moment, the look in the leader’s eyes shifted as he gazed at Flaxseed. Then he retreated and questioned, “Who are you?”

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