A Man Like None Other Chapter 1724

“This stone statue doesn’t look like it’ll last long. There’s no saying whether it’ll manage to hold out until the others break through to become Martial Arts Marquises.”

Jared rose to his feet and left the forbidden. ground. When Norm saw Jared walking out, he hurried forward respectfully and called out, “Mr. Chance.”

“How are the others getting along in their cultivation? Do dew drops still form on the statue every night?” Jared asked Norm.

“The others are cultivating at a steady pace. As for the dew on the statue, it has significantly increased over the past few days,” Norm replied.

Jared nodded in response. Then, he went to check on Godrick and the others. Upon observing their cultivation progress, he felt rather pleased.

However, he was just about to walk out of the palace and take a stroll when a sense of foreboding washed over him. Oh shit….

Cursing silently, he turned to Norm and excused himself before rushing back to Jadeborough.

There was a connection between Evangeline and Jared. While at the Gunderson family estate, Chester had asked Jared to plant a spiritual sense within Evangeline’s body to make her follow Jared all the time.

Although Evangeline had the holy maiden’s soul inside her body and no longer needed to stay by Jared’s side, there was still a connection between the spiritual sense and him.

Now that she was imprisoned, he could sense it as soon as he walked out. Upon his return to Jadeborough, Lizbeth and the others surrounded him immediately when they saw him. The gaggle of ladies started chattering away to him.

“That’s enough. You don’t have to say anything more. I already know about it,” he said while waving his hand. After saying that, he left Crimson Palace and headed for the Gunderson residence.

I need to speak to Fernando and get a clear explanation of what happened. There are some things that Lizbeth and the other ladies can’t explain clearly.

Meanwhile, Fernando was on pins and needles. I’m well aware of Evangeline’s identity. Should misfortune happen to befall her, I won’t be able to explain things!

As he was fretting over the matter, Astrid  opened the door and said, “Dad, Jared is here.” As soon as Fernando heard that, he dashed out the door to welcome Jared.

“Mr. Chance, you’re back. Evan-” Without waiting for him to finish speaking, Jared cut him off with a wave of his hand and said, “I know. Let’s talk inside.”

Fernando nodded. Then, he said to Astrid, “Get” someone to stand guard by the door. No one is allowed to enter.”

With that, he followed Jared into the room and closed the door. Still worried that it was unsafe, Fernando waved his hand and instantly enveloped them with teleportation magecraft.

Jared turned to Fernando and asked, “Mr. Gunderson, what happened to Evangeline? How could a full-grown person like her suddenly go missing? Also, she’s rather skilled. Theoretically, it’d be impossible for someone to attack her. However, I can sense that she’s in danger.”

“I don’t have a clue either, Mr. Chance. I only learned of her disappearance after Ms. Grange informed me about it. I’ve no idea how I’ll explain this to Great Elder,” Fernando replied with a look of dismay.

“Calm down, Mr. Gunderson. Evangeline isn’t in mortal danger for now. I can sense she’s being restrained, but I can’t figure out her exact location. Would the Gunderson family have any way of finding out where she is? That’d make it easier for us to rescue her.”

The reason Jared had come looking for Fernando was to discover Evangeline’s whereabouts. Even though his spiritual sense was still in Evangeline’s body, he could not pinpoint her location.

“Uh… I’m not sure about that. Even if there were a way, only Great Elder would know,” Fernando answered. “In that case, take me to the secret realm so we can find him and ask him. There’s no time to lose.”

Jared was worried Evangeline’s life would be in danger the longer they delayed it. If anything happens to Evangeline, not only will we lose her, but the holy maiden’s soul in her will also disappear.

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