A Man Like None Other Chapter 1721

Kazuo took the opportunity to lecture Ono, “There are no orders. I dropped by to check this place and see if all of you were being complacent. You must always be on your guard as outlanders in Chanaea!”

“Yes, Mr. Kawaguchi. You’re absolutely right!” Ono replied faithfully. Kazuo added, “I’m bringing a woman here in a couple of days. Keep a close eye on her.”

“A woman?” Stunned, Ono said, “Mr. Kawaguchi, women are forbidden from this cave, as are Chanaeans. It’s an iron-clad rule.” “I know that, but this woman is vital to our research. I can’t take her back to Jetroina, so we can only keep her here,” explained Kazuo.

Ono’s curiosity was piqued. He asked, “Who is this woman? Why are you so interested in her, Mr. Kawaguchi?”

“You id*ot…” Kazuo trailed off with a frown. “You don’t deserve to know that.” Ever the obedient follower, Ono nodded eagerly and replied, “Understood!”

Kazuo only spent a day at the secret base before leaving. However, he left alone. Meanwhile, over ten men stood in the middle of a square at Deragon Sect, Jadeborough.

They were all skilled fighters brimming with vigor. Nearby, Godrick said to Jared, “I’ve selected these men based on your requirements, Jared.”

Jared nodded and replied, “In this case, quality is better than quantity. I trust you have briefed them on what to do?”

“Yes!” “Good. We’ll leave now. When we return, I hope you would have become a Top Level Martial Arts Marquis.” Jared clapped Godrick on the shoulder encouragingly.

Godrick asked curiously, “Where are we going. Jared? How can it boost one’s cultivation progress so rapidly?” Jared shot him a faint smile in response. “You’ll find out when we get there!”

Then, he led Godrick and the other selected men to Encanta Island. The blood demon statue, which still stood on the island, was a bottomless pool of spiritual energy. Absorbing it would undoubtedly raise his peers’ cultivation speed immensely.

Jared had decided to help these gifted men to set foot in the heavenly realm. Unlike them, Jared’s cultivation progress was not suppressed by the lack of spiritual energy in the mundane world. Thus, he planned to use his blood to help them enter the heavenly realm and avoid the repressive nature of the mundane world.

In the near future, celestials would reappear once their spiritual energies reawakened. The martial arts world would then enter a slump. Jared wanted to act now and get a head start.

That was why Jared had asked Godrick to select his most gifted men. Jared could not bring everyone from Deragon Sect to the heavenly realm. That was simply impossible.

When Jared and the others finally arrived at Encanta Island, everyone was enchanted by the surroundings. Godrick exclaimed, “Jared, is this the famed Encanta Island? It looks just like what I imagine the heavens to be.”

Meanwhile, Norm had been on standby to greet Jared since learning of his visit. He welcomed Jared into the palace and straight onto the throne. Jared asked, “Have you observed anything. unusual about the statue while I was gone, Norm?”

“The statue hasn’t moved at all, Mr. Chance. The only thing is the statue is covered in dew right after midnight, and we have no idea why!” answered Norm.

Jared furrowed his brows thoughtfully. “Dew collecting on the statue at night? Is it related to the wet weather?”

Norm shook his head and replied, “No. The weather hasn’t changed, but dew has never gathered on the statue like this before!” “That’s odd. Bring me to the status later in the night!”

Jared wanted to see the situation for himself. After getting an update from Norm, he turned to Godrick’s group and declared, “Get some rest. You can spend the next few days familiarizing yourself with the island. I will teach you some new techniques after that.”

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