A Man Like None Other Chapter 1716

Jared narrowed his eyes. “He was allowed to kill as he pleased earlier. Why can’t I kill him? I’ll kill you alongside him if you try and stop me!”

Kazuo sneered. “How brazen of you to think you can kill me at your current level. In fact, none of you here can do anything to me. As the results are now clear, I will not let any of you kill him.”

Kazuo’s words caused the crowd to bristle indignantly, but they were powerless because the true extent of his power was unfathomable.

“You need to watch yourself in Chanaea, Mr. Kawaguchi, so that I can guarantee your safety in my country. I will not hesitate to detain you if you dare to throw your weight around here.”

Wearing a mild smile, Mr. Sanders ambled over from the door at that moment. “Mr. Sanders!” Kazuo turned pale at the sight of Arthur. “We were merely sparring, Mr. Sanders. Now that the results are clear, I just want to take my man and leave,” he explained.

Jared turned to Arthur. “He has been killing people ever since he arrived, Mr. Sanders. How is his life more valuable than ours?”

Arthur quelled his retort with a wave of his hand before turning to Kazuo. “To spar means to fight to the death, which is the spirit of the samurai of Jetroina if my memory serves me right. You hold no quarter, do you not?”

Arthur silenced Kazuo with a simple remark. Jun, who had been on the brink of death, suddenly crawled to his feet and unsheathed a dagger. “The battle isn’t over!” he declared before plunging the blade into his chest.

The crowd became stunned by the turn of events, as they were under the impression that he had committed suicide in the face of his loss.

They watched as Jun carved open his chest, plunged his hand into the cavity, and pulled out his bloody and still-beating heart. Most women screamed at the sight and clasped their eyes shut in horror.

A devilish light began glowing from the heart before it expanded and engulfed him, healing. his fatal wound at a speed visible even to the naked eye.

Then, Jun’s heart turned black and hung limply outside his body. At the same time, a suit of black armor too grotesque to behold enveloped him.

The crowd gazed in shock at Jun, unable to grasp what he was up to. Kazuo, in the meantime, was also staring fixedly at him with a look of shock.

Suddenly, Jun fell to his knees and plunged his hands into the dirt while muttering, “Divine beings, I hereby sacrifice my all. Please grant me strength.”

Jared frowned, disconcerted by the sight of Jun’s behavior. However, he sensed the overwhelming expansion of the aura within his opponent.

“Godeater!” Evangeline shouted in warning. “This is ancient witchcraft native to Jetroina, Jared. You must be careful. He is offering his life and soul in exchange for the power of celestials. I can’t believe this branch of witchcraft is still being practiced after thousands of years.”

Evangeline’s words caused Jared to raise his guard at once while Kazuo gazed at her with bewilderment.

Soon, Jun’s prayer-like ritual was complete. His body bulged alarmingly like it was being filled with air. The black heart on his chest, in particular, kept beating with a steady, menacing pace. It was a horrifying sight!

“Hah! I’ll kill you all the same even if you transform into the Devil himself!”  At that, Jared sheathed Dragonslayer Sword and sent a fist of golden light over. With a grunt, Jun also charged toward Jared instantly.

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