A Man Like None Other Chapter 1715

“Well done!” The crowd cried instinctively as they whooped for Jared. In the meantime, Kazuo wore an ugly look on his face, but his glare was not directed at Jared. Instead, it was fixed on Evangeline. No ordinary mortal could have recognized Esiotrotus!

Scowling, Jun rose from the ground. A katana, the color of blood, emerged in his hand with souls of the da*ned circling the blade. It was plain that many had fallen under the weapon in Jun’s hand.

The crimson glow flickered, and Jun’s entire body turned red as if he had been bathed in blood. The sighs of the da*ned souls emanated from Jun with an aura of carnage in the aftermath of a battle.

Dragonslayer Sword in Jared’s hand glowed and hummed incessantly like a bloodthirsty predator with its sights set on its prey. The wrathful spirits, sensing the aura of Dragonslayer Sword, stirred uneasily as if it was trying to edge away from it.

Jun frowned at the sight. My own weapon is cowering before the fight began. “Set your blood essence ablaze to awaken the spirit of the samurai within you,” Kazuo rumbled, with the authority of the primordial earth.

At those words, Jun bit down on his tongue without hesitation and spat a mouthful of blood onto the katana.

The crimson blade appeared to have become excited upon getting a taste of blood. Cowering no more, the spirits began roaring like wild, untamed beasts.

“Souls of the da*ned, attack!” Jun shouted and, with a mighty slash of his katana, unleashed a terrifying force that seemed to descend from the heavens. Baring their bloody maws, the spirits dashed toward his opponent. Jared sneered at the spirits. “Holy Light!”

Dragonslayer Sword in Jared’s hand emitted a golden beam that ascended to the heavens before sending forth streaks of light and illuminating the earth with the brilliance of the sun.

The spirits which were initially vicious writhed in agony upon the merest contact with the golden light before dissipating in a wisp of green smoke.

Though the spirits disappeared, the golden light remained and shone onto Jun, whose features were contorted by a look of terror before struggling in pain.

His body smoldered with a dense, black smog before it quickly dissipated. In the meantime, Kazuo shuddered. Jared’s lips curled upward at the sight. “So that’s what it is.”

He had ascertained from the expansion of Jun’s aura earlier that the latter was possessed by a spirit, except that he did not expect Kazuo to have survived and dispatched his spirit into the body of another host.

Having never witnessed magecraft like this, Jared began to take a keen interest in Kazuo. Jun was drenched in cold sweat. Without Kazuo’s support, he had now become a scapegoat.

With a leap, Jared landed a ferocious punch on the latter. The force of that strike warped the space around Jun and drenched him in blood from the impact.

Noticing that Jun was still alive, Jared sent out another punch. Without a doubt, Jun will not survive this one.

At that moment, Kazuo waved his hand and a massive force descended and sent Jared retreating swiftly. Despite that, the aura within Jared continued to push forth.

“What is the meaning of this?” Jared asked with a glare at Kazuo. “With the outcome of the battle now clear, there is no need to shed blood,” Kazuo replied slowly.

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