A Man Like None Other Chapter 1711

Looking at the whip in his hand, Marcelo froze in bewilderment as well. That rock-hard Nine-section Whip was the Garcia family’s heirloom, yet it was broken easily by his opponent.

While Marcelo was still stunned, Jun swung his palm toward the former’s head. That strike was a deadly move. It was clear that Jun wanted to take Marcelo’s life. By the time Marcelo noticed Jun’s attack, it was too late.

At that critical juncture, Jared dashed forward and tackled Jun’s strike head-on with his palm, causing the latter to backpedal, and Jared’s body also shook slightly in return.

“Who are you?” Jun asked with a frown. “I’m Jared Chance. Didn’t you come to challenge me to a duel?” Jared scoffed. As Jun glared at Jared, the former’s eyes were brimming with wrath and murderous intent.

Meanwhile, Marcelo shot Jared a grateful look and finally backed away without saying anything after suffering a humiliating defeat int his battle with Jun.

“You only dare to show yourself now because you want me to use up all my strength first before fighting you. Am I right?” Jun asked. He thought he was smart to come out at this moment. Does he think I’m a fool?

“You’re not worthy of my scheme or tricks. If you think that your strength is depleted and it’ll be unfair to you, I can cede the first three strikes first…”

As Jared said that, he put his hands behind his back-a move that put many people on edge.

The infuriated Jun barked, “You’re too arrogant! I’ll tear you apart!”

With that, Jun appeared in front of Jared in the blink of an eye with his katana out and slashed downward.

He was so swift that no one saw him move. All they could see was the afterimage of his sword.

Swoosh! The sharp blade of the katana was headed straight toward Jared’s head to end his life in one move.

Faced with the aggressive strike, Jared still had his hands behind his back with no trace of panic on his countenance.

Just as the katana was about to reach him, Jared turned his head slightly, and the katana brushed past his face.

The movement of the blade was so great that Jared’s hair and even his clothes billowed in the wind.

However, the blade didn’t land on Jared for he dodged it successfully. Jared looked at Jun indifferently and remarked in a teasing tone, “You still have two more chances to strike…”

“You are really asking for it…”

Jun flew into a fit of rage. Instead of putting back his katana, he swung his blade toward Jared’s waist.

Jared quickly leaped into mid-air before the blade whizzed past his feet. A split second later, several pillars not far away were severed by the force of the blade as Jared landed on Jun’s katana like a feather.

All Jun could feel was the increased weight on his katana as it almost dropped to the ground. With a light step on the blade, Jared rose into the air once again before landing steadily in front of Jun.

“One more strike!” Jared said, glancing at Jun disdainfully. “Ah!” Jun roared in absolute fury.

With both of his hands on his katana, he slashed at Jared again. This time, it was done with greater force and its speed was even higher.

Even if it were a mountain, it could be split in half by that cut. The onlookers hurriedly glanced toward Jared and saw a golden light emitted from his body. with a golden dragon wrapped around his right hand.

Jared reached out to grab that katana directly as he did not plan to dodge Jun’s attack.

“Is he going to grab it with his bare hand?” Everyone was shocked when they saw that.

Clap! With both hands on the knife, Jun suddenly stopped in motion while he was about to charge forward.

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