A Man Like None Other Chapter 1708

A sacred martial arts relic was just a weapon used by a Martial Arts Saint which had absorbed the power of its user through years of usage.

Nonetheless, once all the energy it contained was expended, it would naturally break apart if not recharged further. Jake eked out an awkward smile. “Even a sacred martial arts relic that can only be used once is extremely valuable.”

Ignoring Jake’s words, Jared flung the scepter back as he sneered, “This place isn’t a garbage dump. Whatever trash you have, take it back.”

The crowd was bewildered to hear Jared refer to the sacred martial arts relic as trash. As his brows furrowed, Jake’s aura swelled rapidly within him, engulfing the entire hall with a tremendous force.

It was evident that his aura was significantly more powerful than Jared’s. “If a fight is what you want, let’s go outside. Don’t destroy the things I have here, as you can’t afford to pay for them.”

Jared was unfazed by Jake’s aura. Reading the situation, Jake gradually retracted his aura before asking Jared, “In that case, Mr. Chance, is there anything you want in particular? We’ll definitely give it to you as long as it’s within our power to do so. All that matters is that both of us make peace.”

“I want his life. Can you give it to me?” Jared demanded as he pointed a finger at Skylar. The request put Jake on the spot while striking terror into Skylar.

If Jake accedes to the request, wouldn’t it mean my death?

“President Gasper, don’t believe the lies he’s spewing! He tricked us the last time over the location of the ancient ruins.”

Skylar was fearful that Jake would agree. “Mr. Chance, I’m sincere in my effort to mend ties with you,” Jake appealed with a flat smile,

cognizant that Jared was fooling around with him.

“I’m not going to mend any f*cking ties with you!” Jared cursed with a scowl on his face. “You locked up my girlfriend for such a long time, and now, you want to make peace? As long as there’s still breath in me, the Warriors Alliance will be my mortal enemy, and I’ll stop at nothing to annihilate all of you! Now, stop being an eyesore and get lost before I throw you out!”

The guests were utterly shaken by Jared’s tirade. It was obvious to them how powerful Jake was from the aura he unleashed, and yet, Jared showed no fear at all.

Consequently, Jared’s insult caused Jake’s expression to darken. “Jared, I hope you know what’s good for you. You alone are not worthy to take on the Warriors Alliance,” Jake scoffed.

“Not worthy?” Jared sneered. “If I’m not, why did you come here? Don’t think that I’m oblivious to the secrets of the Warriors Alliance. You are nothing but a group that’s being controlled by spirits. In fact, I’m sure there’s also a spirit within your body, isn’t there? Once I absorb those old fogeys who have lived for thousands of years, let’s see how the Warriors Alliance can still behave with such impunity.”

Jared had exposed the Warriors Alliance in front of the guests, blowing everyone’s mind away with the revelation. “What nonsense! It looks like I’ll have to teach you a lesson to put you in your place!”

No sooner had Jake spoken than his aura exploded, causing the temperature in the room to drop rapidly. Those who were weaker began to suffocate, as if they had fallen into a cave made of ice.

As a sharp glint flashed across his eyes, Jared’s body began to glow with a golden hue, desperately resisting Jake’s aura. Despite the circumstances, Jared refrained from striking, for doing so would render the day’s ceremony a failure.

At the crucial moment before a massive battle broke out, a gentle breeze blew past, snuffing out both Jared’s and Jake’s aura in an instant.

Frowning in response, Jake looked out the door. “Why is someone causing trouble on such a festive occasion? Has the security of Jadeborough’s martial arts world deteriorated to this extent?”

No sooner had the resonant voice rang out than Arthur sauntered into the hall.

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