A Man Like None Other Chapter 1701

Time flew by in the blink of an eye. Just like that, two days passed, the next day was going to be Deragon Sect’s opening ceremony.

Everyone in the Deragon family got busy. Meanwhile, Jared did not need to be too concerned about the preparations since Godrick was in charge.

All Jared needed to do was show Evangeline around and introduce her to the people there. At the same time, he wanted to help her familiarize herself with her body to prevent her from exposing herself.

Noticing Jared was often with Evangeline for the past few days, Renee asked unhappily, “Lizbeth, I noticed Jared has been hanging around that woman a lot these days. Should I remind him that you’re his girlfriend?”

“Just let him do whatever he wants. Mr. Deragon says I shouldn’t pressure Jared too much. I should give him some space if I really like that person. The more I try to put a rein on him, the more he’ll try to escape.”

Lizbeth had already figured things out. She then glanced at Renee and asked, “Where’s Colin? Is he not seeing you today?”

“He’s busy. He’s got tons to do since it’s Deragon Sect’s launching ceremony tomorrow. If you’re bored, why don’t we take a walk?” Renee asked, worried Lizbeth would be bored.

“That’s a great idea!” Lizbeth nodded. Just as they were about to head out for a walk, two similar-looking women dressed seductively. walked over.

“Where are you two planning to go? Please bring us along!” they said with a grin.

“Melanie! Lyanna!” Renee immediately ran over to them. Lizbeth, too, happily went forward and chatted with them.

The two sisters were previously sent away by Rayleigh to cultivate. After all, they were naturally talented in using Charm Magic. If someone could guide them in their cultivation, they would surely achieve great heights in the future.

Hence, they were sent abroad to cultivate Charm Magic specifically. Just like that, they were gone for several months. “Why are you two back all of a sudden?” Lizbeth asked curiously.

“How could we be absent on a day when Jared wants to establish a new sect?” Lyanna answered with a question, chuckling lightly.

Her smile was so attractive that even Lizbeth and Renee were mesmerized by it.

Clearly, Lyanna’s skills in using Charm Magic had greatly improved. “You two are just in time! Let’s go have a walk,” Renee said happily. “Where’s Jared?” asked Melanie.

Upon hearing that question, Lizbeth fell into an awkward silence. In the end, Renee was the one who answered with a scowl, “Jared is taking a stroll with another woman. Heaven knows where he got her from. They’re practically glued to each other all day long.”

Melanie and Lyanna were furious the moment they heard that. “Take us to him! I’ll make sure to teach Jared a lesson and make him obey everything we say,” Melanie said.

With that, the four of them went out to look for Jared. As they walked along the street, they attracted quite a lot of attention, especially Melanie and Lyanna, who looked absolutely gorgeous when they smiled.

In fact, many men got into a fight when they saw the two sisters. Soon, the quintet spotted Jared and Evangeline. However, he did not notice their presence.

“Wow. I can’t believe the world has become like this after thousands of years.” Evangeline looked amazed by everything she saw, but a frown soon marred her countenance. “The spiritual energy here is too weak. There’s no way I can cultivate. With this body’s strength, being able to exert even two-thirds of my power is already good enough.”

“Is there really no other way for you to return to Top Level?” Jared queried.

The spirit inhabiting Evangeline’s body was thousands of years old and also the holy maiden of Lunarius Palace, so he could not believe she had no solution.

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