A Man Like None Other Chapter 1664

Chapter 1664 Meeting Great Elder

Seeing that, Jared had to retract the Power of Dragons. In an instant, his elixir field was sealed, and he looked no different from an ordinary person.

“Go on in,” the man with full facial hair invited. “Thank you, Third Elder,” Fernando said with a polite bow.

He then led Jared into the building. Inside, Jared detected a faint fragrance. He took a deep sniff and immediately furrowed his brows.

As an alchemist, Jared was familiar with this fragrance. It originated from a tree that would emit this scent when it was burned.

However, the fragrance wasn’t used to refresh the air. In fact, it was used just like formaldehyde to reduce decay. Thus, dead bodies wouldn’t rot for a long time after getting fumigated in the smoke.

Jared couldn’t understand why this spice was used in the Gunderson family estate where Great Elder lived.

Before Jared could figure out what was going on, Fernando went on his knees.

“Greetings, Great Elder. I have brought him here,” he declared after giving a polite bow.

Jared belatedly noticed an elderly man seated on the seat at the top with white facial hair covering his entire face.

He looked really old as his skin was all wrinkly. It seemed that he was about to die any time.

The elderly man didn’t move an inch, but his eyes were sharp and bright. One would assume he was dead if it weren’t for his eyes.

Jared was so engrossed in staring at Great Elder that he didn’t offer a bow.

“Mr. Chance, hurry up and bow!” Fernando glanced at Jared anxiously. “You’re part of the Gunderson family now, so it’s a sin to not bow to Great Elder!”

However, Jared didn’t get on his knees. He wasn’t a Gunderson and had never knelt before anyone previously.

“Greetings, Great Elder!” Jared said cordially.

Cold sweat formed on Fernando’s head, as he was afraid Great Elder would be upset at Jared’s rude action.

Instead of flying into a fit of rage, Great Elder said calmly, “Have a seat.”

Fernando was stunned. I’ve never sat before Great Elder. Every time I come here, I’ll have to get on my knees. Why is Great Elder so gracious today when Jared is here? He is asking us to sit down!

Without hesitation, Jared strode toward a chair and sat down.

However, Fernando dared not get to his feet and remained in a kneeling position.

“Serve us coffee, please,” Great Elder ordered.

Right then, a gorgeous lady clad in a white dress stepped out of a room. She could be a fairy with her stunning looks.

However, her face was pale, and Jared couldn’t detect any aura on her. It looked like she was a walking corpse.

The woman came to Jared slowly. Lowering her head slightly, she placed a cup of coffee in front of Jared.

Jared stared at the woman’s face, utterly baffled.

I cannot sense any aura on her. Is she a zombie puppet?

Jared felt a chill go down his spine at that thought.

If my guess is right, then the Gunderson family estate isn’t a safe place for me to stay in.

When the woman turned around, Jared pretended to brush against her hand accidentally.

The woman’s hand was icy cold, so Jared was certain she was a corpse!

Instantly, Jared’s breathing turned rapid.

His strength had been sealed, so he couldn’t defend himself and was at their mercy.

Gently, Jared took the cup of coffee with trembling hands.

He had never been this nervous in his life.

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