A Man Like None Other Chapter 1663

Chapter 1663 Sealing His Cultivation

Jared felt embarrassed after hearing that. Even though he was a spiritual energy cultivator, he was ignorant of the matters relating to the heavenly realm.

Gosh, I sound like a beginner. This is so embarrassing! “Don’t worry. You’ll learn about this sooner or later. After all, I can take you to this place often after you’ve become one of us.”

As Fernando looked at Jared, the former had a knowing smile on his face. Then, he waved his hands, and light enveloped them yet again.

In the next instant, they appeared in a bustling street. Rows and rows of hawkers were selling food and other products, stretching as far as the eye could see. To Jared, this town was no different from those in the mundane world. “Come on, this way…”

Fernando led Jared through a street and stopped in front of a courtyard. Glancing at the courtyard, Jared exclaimed incredulously, “Mr. Gunderson, don’t tell me this is the Gunderson family estate?”

Fernando nodded in affirmation. “Yes, this is the place.”

For one moment, Jared was at a loss for words. The courtyard was not impressive and did not look like a place that belonged to a prestigious family to him.

In fact, it could not even compare to Fernando’s courtyard in Jadeborough.

Although Fernando could guess what was going through Jared’s mind, he said nothing and smiled faintly. Then, he brought Jared in.

When Jared stepped through the gate, he was greeted with a gust of spiritual energy, and the next thing he saw was a lofty and majestic manor.

Two guards stood straight at the manor’s entrance, emitting energy at the Marquis level. Are they Martial Arts Marquises?

Jared was so shocked he almost dropped his jaw.

Again, Jared turned to look at Fernando in disbelief. Knowing that Fernando was also a Martial Arts Marquis, Jared felt that it was strange that the guards were on the same level as he was.

“This is the Gunderson family estate…” Fernando said with a smile.

“Mr. Gunderson, if I may ask, what… what position do you hold in the Gunderson family?” Jared was curious.

Smiling faintly, he answered, “I’m just an errand boy for the Gunderson family. Actually, no one from the direct line wants to go to the mundane world.”

When he was explaining, he had a slightly helpless look on his face. In general, spiritual energy cultivators only have a primary purpose in mind—to practice spiritual energy cultivation.

To them, going to the mundane world was akin to putting a constraint on their cultivation progress.

“Then, do the other prestigious families living in the secret realms have representatives in the mundane world? I don’t think I have seen them anywhere.”

In truth, Jared was a little mystified. After all this time, he had only met Fernando, a representative of the Gunderson family in the mundane world.

“I think there are, but their identities are usually confidential, so I’m not sure. Anyway, let’s go in. I reckon the Great Elder must be anxious from waiting.”

Without wasting more time, Fernando led Jared deeper into the estate.

As they passed by the guards, Fernando showed them his pass, and they let them in.

Oh. It seems like Fernando is not that important to their family.

They passed through multiple courtyards before stopping at a three-story building.

Standing at the entrance, Fernando shouted, “Your humble disciple, Fernando Gunderson, requests a meeting with the Great Elder…”

Immediately, a middle-aged man walked out of the building. He had a full beard and a fierce aura around him.

Sending a cursory glance at Jared and Fernando, the man then lightly waved his hand.

A gust of spiritual energy appeared and wrapped around the two.

Unlike the expressionless Fernando, Jared was alarmed. Instantly, a golden light flashed and blocked the foreign spiritual energy from entering his body.

That was because Jared realized the spiritual energy was trying to seal off his cultivation.

How could Jared let someone seal his cultivation for no reason?

On Jared’s body, golden sparks flew while he fought hard, using the Power of Dragons to stop the foreign spiritual energy from entering his body.

The bearded man frowned at the sight.

“Mr. Chance, do not resist. This is a mandatory procedure to meet the Great Elder. Everyone has to seal their cultivation,” Fernando said before he entered the door.

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