A Man Like None Other Chapter 1662

Chapter 1662 Different From What I Imagine

After Fernando said that, Jared seemed to understand his intentions. No wonder Astrid entered my room in the middle of the night. It was planned.

Jared would need to be a member of the Gunderson family if he wanted to enter the Gunderson family estate.

If he got together with Astrid, naturally, he would become a member of their family. After becoming their family, his entry to the Gunderson family estate would be justified.

However, Fernando did not know Jared did not do anything with Astrid last night.

She did not coerce him to do what she wanted with the prize of going to her family estate. It seemed to Jared that she really intended to make an effort to win him over.

“Mr. Gunderson, we should go now. I can’t wait to get there!” Jared urged Fernando.

Jared was afraid Fernando would not take him to their family estate if the latter knew he did not sleep with Astrid.

“All right. Since you’re impatient, let’s go.”

After he said that, he lightly waved his hands, and a ray of light enveloped them suddenly.

Jared knew that was teleportation magecraft. It seemed that Fernando was already a master of that spell.

When the lights flashed, Jared quickly closed his eyes. When he opened them, he realized they were now out in the wilderness.

“Is… Is this the secret realm? It doesn’t look any different from the mundane world to me,” Jared exclaimed as he looked around curiously.

Looking at Jared, Fernando chuckled. “We’re not at the secret realm yet. Teleportation magecraft could only be used in the same dimension. Since the secret realm is not in the same dimension as the mundane world, it’s impossible to teleport directly into the secret realm, let alone bring someone in.”

Upon hearing his explanation, Jared went red in embarrassment.

Nevertheless, they continued on their journey. Jared followed Fernando for some time before reaching the foot of a mountain.

Then, he saw Fernando take out an octagram-shaped item and started chanting.

In no time, numerous lights started to form in the air, and a door slowly opened where the lights congregated.

It was like a gateway to heaven. However, when Jared tried to look into it, he couldn’t see anything.

“This is the Gate of Fire. When the eight secret realms were formed, they were based on the eight trigram pattern. Our family’s secret realm is in the south and it symbolizes fire. Hence ours is called the Gate of Fire. There are other gates, too, like the Gate of Heaven, Gate of Earth, Gate of Thunder, Gate of Wind, Gate of Water, Gate of Mountain, and finally, Gate of Lake. Violet Cloud Palace’s secret realm is in the east, so theirs are called the Gate of Thunder,” Fernando explained, and Jared learned something new.

“Mr. Gunderson, how many sects and prestigious families are living in each secret realm? Are there any limitations?”

Jared wanted to know how big the secret realm was and how many sects and prestigious families were inside.

Surprisingly, Fernando shook his head. “Honestly, I don’t know. It’s beyond my knowledge. I never did a count, so I don’t know how many sects and prestigious families survived that year.”

After that, Jared followed Fernando into the shining door. Once they had passed through it, it immediately vanished.

What entered Jared’s eyes was a whole different view. All he could see was a vast desert devoid of life. Other than the massive sand dunes, he saw nothing else.

Jared could barely believe his eyes and stared doubtfully at Fernando’s face.

“Mr. Gunderson, is this… the secret realm?”

In Jared’s knowledge, secret realms were supposed to be filled with lush greenery, and beasts roamed aplenty. In short, it should be a good environment.

Why is this place so desolate?

At Jared’s confusion, Fernando smiled. “Hm? It doesn’t look like what you’ve imagined, right?”

“Yeah, it’s different.” Jared nodded.

Fernando guffawed. “Hahaha! Of course, it’s different! Every secret realm has its own environment. For example, Violet Cloud Palace’s Gate of Thunder is a place with constant snowfall all year long…”

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