A Man Like None Other Chapter 1661

Chapter 1661 Cherry Boy

When Jared saw that, he panicked and did not know what to do. The truth was that Jared’s EQ was so low that it was practically non-existent. He did not know how to coax girls, not to mention sweet-talking!

He did not understand why so many women had taken the initiative to pursue him! “Please don’t cry. It’s not what you think… Really…”

Jared was at a loss as Astrid continued to cry. He wanted to wipe her tears off, but he didn’t dare to do it!

“It is exactly what I think. Do you think I don’t know about your relationship with Lizbeth? I’ve heard all about it. Why was it OK for you to sleep with Lizbeth while your girlfriend was detained at Warriors Alliance? Besides, she’s your girlfriend’s best friend…” Astrid questioned Jared.

It seemed like the woman had already looked into the people who were close to Jared and investigated their relationships with him.

“That’s nonsense. I didn’t sleep with Lizbeth. Who did you hear it from? I have not even slept with Josephine yet. I’m still a virgin!” Jared explained anxiously.

When Astrid heard that, she froze for a moment and stopped crying before staring at Jared in disbelief.

My god! He’s a cherry boy!

“Are you for real?” Astrid asked, finding it incredulous.

“I swear that I haven’t done anything with them. I wanted to save it until I got married…” Jared replied earnestly.

Astrid could not help but chuckle when she saw the serious expression on Jared’s face.

“I would have never expected that a formidable man like you would still be a virgin! Since that is the case, I won’t have to worry anymore. At least I’m not at a disadvantage. There’s nothing for me to be scared of. I’m sure that you will fall in love with me!”

Astrid was brimming with confidence.

There was nothing she had to worry about since Jared had not been intimate with those other women.

Jared let out a helpless sigh when he saw Astrid smiling again. She had really scared him earlier!

The man was thankful for the calming incantation. If not for it, it would be impossible for a healthy young man like him to resist the temptation!

“It’s getting late. You should rest now. I’m going out…”

Jared could not wait to leave the room!

“Don’t go. You can sleep here tonight…” Astrid offered.

“No, no, no. I’m scared—”

Before Jared could complete his sentence, he was interrupted by Astrid. “You can stay here. I’ll leave. There are other rooms for me to sleep in.”

After saying that, Astrid turned to leave. When she reached the door, she turned around suddenly and smiled at Jared. “Good night…”

After the woman left, Jared shut the door at once and sat on the bed while panting heavily.

As he wiped off the cold sweat from his forehead, then he let out a bitter chuckle.

He could not believe that, as a Greater Martial Arts Marquis, he would be that terrified of a woman!

“Alas! What’s with modern society? Are all women so bold these days…”

Jared let out another sigh before sitting cross-legged and starting to cultivate. He was sure that he would not be able to fall asleep that night.

The next day, Jared got out of bed early.

As he breathed in the fresh air, he could not help but marvel at the impressive design of the Gunderson residence’s courtyard.

“Mr. Chance, did you sleep well last night?”

Just then, Fernando walked over to Jared and asked with a teasing look in his eyes.

“Good morning, Mr. Gunderson. It was all right…” Jared answered awkwardly, nodding his head.

When Fernando noticed Jared’s expression, the grin on his face got wider. After giving a pat on Jared’s shoulder, Fernando said in a tone an elder would speak to someone of the younger generation, “I’m glad that you slept well. I will be taking you to the Gunderson family estate later. For your information, the Gunderson family estate has always been out of bounds to outsiders.”

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