A Man Like None Other Chapter 1658

Chapter 1658 The Eight Secret Realms

Skylar roared, “I have to kill Jared! I have to!” His hatred for Jared was so bone-deep that he wished to end Jared’s life immediately.

Just then, an elderly, raspy voice rang out in Skylar’s head. “It’s not impossible to kill him, but you would need to plan your steps carefully.” “Sir, what should I do to kill him?” asked Skylar hastily.

The aged spirit replied, “You already have a sacred martial arts relic in hand. Gather some Black Copper Robe warriors and think of a way to lure Jared to Warriors Alliance, where you and your men will ambush him.”

Doubting the spirit’s suggestion, Skylar asked, “Would Jared show up at Warriors Alliance that easily? Why would he come now that we’ve burned bridges with each other?”

“Of course, he would! Did you forget that we have something precious to him?”

The spirit smirked.

Meanwhile, Skylar remembered the trapped Josephine and smiled sinisterly. “That’s right. I can use his girlfriend as bait and lure him to Warriors Alliance! I will never let him out alive once he shows up. Warriors Alliance will never see a day of peace as long as Jared is still alive.”

“That’s not the scary part. Once Jared grows stronger, you would lose your value in Warriors Alliance, and Lord Tanner would kick you to the curb,” explained the spirit.

“You’re right. I can’t afford to lose Lord Tanner’s regard. I must kill Jared…”

Determination glinted in Skylar’s eyes. He immediately used his influence to summon Black Copper Robe warriors.

Oblivious to Skylar’s plot, Jared remained in Jadeborough, patiently awaiting Fernando’s return and news on Violet Cloud Palace.

That day, he received a call from Astrid.

Once he saw the caller ID, Jared jumped in excitement.

Fernando must be back if Astrid’s looking for me!

Just as he had guessed, Astrid asked Jared to visit the Gunderson residence as her father had returned.

Jared hurried to the Gunderson residence and found Fernando waiting for him in the living room.

When Fernando saw Jared, he hastily got to his feet and invited Jared to sit. “Please have a seat, Mr. Chance.”

“You’re far too kind, Mr. Gunderson. Just call me Jared.”

He was the one asking for a favor, after all.

His reply drew a guffaw from Fernando, who said, “Haha, so many things have happened in Jadeborough during my absence. I really shouldn’t be addressing you as anything but ‘Mr. Chance.’ Anyway, I heard from Astrid that you were looking for me. Is something the matter?”

Jared cut to the chase. “Mr. Gunderson, I’d like to ask you about Violet Cloud Palace. Do you know where it is?”

“Why are you asking about Violet Cloud Palace? You can’t get in even if you know where it is!”

“Why?” Jared’s confusion was palpable.

Fernando launched into a lengthy explanation. “Sects like Violet Cloud Palace exist in secret realms. You can’t find it in the physical realm. Take the Gunderson family, for example. Our true powers are hidden in a secret realm too. Many families that practice spiritual energy cultivation remain hidden from the physical world in secret realms as well. I’m quite sure I’ve told you about this before. Energy cultivators who remain in the physical world tend to be relatively unsuccessful.”

“If you’re also staying in a secret realm like Violet Cloud Palace, could you bring me there, Mr. Gunderson?” asked Jared.

A wry smile graced Fernando’s face. “We may both live in a secret realm, but they’re not the same realm!”

He looked at Jared and continued, “After the Celestial Battle split the skies and the earth, the Eight Cuprum Guardians created eight secret realms. The energy cultivator families who survived the battle entered these realms and have lived there ever since. I’m sure you understand my explanation now, yes?”

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