A Man Like None Other Chapter 1588

Chapter 1588 Getting Skinned Alive

Jared swung his glowing fist violently at Tigris’ head. Tigris roared in pain when he got sent flying away once again; his head looked horrifying after getting smashed in.

Looking at Jared, Flaxseed could not help gulping because he was just reminded of how insanely powerful the man was.

Since Jared could already kill Tigris effortlessly then, Flaxseed swiftly waved his hand and got the charm to fall off the man’s back.

There was no way Tigris could turn his situation around since he did not even have any strength left to fight back. The demon beast wanted to let out another roar after struggling to get up but could not because of its injured head.

With nothing but the flames of fury in his eyes, Tigris leaped forward to throw himself at Jared, who swiftly grabbed him by the throat in response.

“You still have some fight left in you, huh?” Jared pinned Tigris to the ground and started pounding his enemy.

“Don’t kill him, Jared. Those tiger skin and tendons are worth a fortune, so it’s best to skin him alive,” reminded Flaxseed, afraid that Jared would beat Tigris to death right then and there.

Jared stopped immediately because he agreed with Flaxseed. He summoned his Dragonslayer Sword instead.

When Tigris saw the shiny weapon, he instantly panicked. Having lived for thousands of years, he never expected to be skinned like an animal.

“Please… Please let me go. I can teach you everything I know,” Tigris begged Jared. Staring coldly at the demon beast, Jared responded, “You’re just a demon beast. I’ll become a laughingstock for learning from you.”

“Please… I beg you to let me go…” Tigris continued to plead pitifully because the last thing he wanted was to get skinned alive.

“Let you go? You stripped everyone on Encanta Island of everything they had as a deity, so why can’t I do the same to you? You’re a demon beast that has become a Manifestor. Do you know how much your beast core is worth?” sneered Jared.

“Fine. Then I’ll take you down with me.”

As soon as Tigris finished his sentence, his body began to expand rapidly. Even the aura inside of him was complete chaos.

“He’s going to self-destruct!” shouted Flaxseed.

If a Manifestor demon beast were to self-destruct, not even Encanta Island could withstand the explosion.

“Even if I have to sacrifice myself, I won’t let you get your way,” declared Tigris with a cackle.

“As if I’ll let you self-destruct.” Jared snorted before swiftly plunging his Dragonslayer Sword into a specific spot on Tigris’s body to deflate the demon beast.

At that moment, Tigris completely lost hope. If I’m not even allowed to self-destruct, why will they let me live?

With his eyes fixed on Tigris, Jared swung his Dragonslayer Sword to cut off the demon beast’s head, causing a beast core to fall out.

After Jared picked up the core and put it away, Flaxseed rushed over with a disappointed look on his face.

“What a shame! Why did you kill him? Now the skin and tendons are worth much less.” Then, Flaxseed hurriedly pulled out his dagger and started skinning the demon beast.

Norm, who was standing not too far away, could not help but feel a sense of irony as he watched the deity he had served for many years get skinned before him.

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