A Man Like None Other Chapter 1583

Chapter 1583 Ten Times

“Stop asking questions. Do as I told you right away!” Norm roared with his brows scrunched up. Seeing that, the Grand Elder could only leave to carry out the order.

Soon, all the residents of Encanta Island headed to the temple obediently to worship. On the other hand, Norm returned to the forbidden ground.

Jared was now losing the duel as wounds began to appear on his body. “I’m going to crush your Nascent Soul with my own hands this time. Let’s see how you’re going to survive!” Tigris announced coldly.

“Bring it on!” Jared charged toward Tigris once again while emitting a murderous aura.

He had already prepared himself for death. If all things failed, he could choose to self-destruct at the last moment and destroy Tigris along the way.

However, the self-destruction of a Nascent Soul—also a Martial Arts Marquis—might be too much to bear for the entire Encanta Island.

Jared was going all out. He used all the techniques and magecrafts he knew, even the Samadhi true fire. Still, they were not enough to defeat Tigris.

The latter might be a tiger demon, but he knew too much for Jared to find his weakness. “Jared, there will be spiritual energy soon. Be prepared!” Norm yelled at Jared.

That stunned Jared, who had yet to figure out what Norm meant. Before he could even ask, he saw streams of energy rising from all directions of Encanta Island and moving toward him.

It was at that point in time that Jared realized Norm wanted him to absorb those spiritual energies. Only then would his power reach its peak.

Tigris could also see the massive amount of spiritual energy quickly gathering above their heads.

It was supposed to be for the statue, but now it was for Jared and Tigris to fight over.

In no time, the spiritual energy formed a sphere in mid-air, although it appeared duller than the one earlier.

After all, that sphere was made up of the spiritual energy that the statue’s arcane array had absorbed forcefully.

The current situation was totally different.


Tigris pushed his palm forward and sent a tornado-like energy flying in Jared’s direction.

Jared swiftly twisted his body and dodged the attack nimbly. He had decided not to face the attack head-on this time.

He then ran toward the sphere of spiritual energy while activating the Focus Technique.

Immediately, a strong suction from his body began absorbing the spiritual energy from the sphere.

Seeing that, Tigris held his palm out. A black sphere shimmered into existence and also activated a force to suck the spiritual energy vigorously.

At that juncture, Jared’s superior Focus Technique began to show its abilities.

His speed of absorption was at least ten times faster than that of Tigris. As expected, the power of the Focus Technique was unrivaled.

The golden light around Jared grew brighter and brighter, almost lighting up the entire Encanta Island.

Even his eyes began to glow.

After he was done absorbing the spiritual energy, Jared leaped into the air without further ado.

“Sacred Light Fist!”

With the help of the immense spiritual energy in his body and the Power of Dragons, Jared’s punch shook the earth with a deafening boom.

When Tigris saw how Jared dared to strike first, he scoffed with disdain.

He waved his hand and fashioned a shield out of thin air.


Jared’s fist slammed against the shield.

Yet the next instant, Tigris, who was initially unbothered and fearless, widened his eyes.

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