A Man Like None Other Chapter 1582

Chapter 1582 Superior Technique

How can the noble humans be under the control of a tiger demon? At that thought, Jared gritted his teeth and met Tigris’ attack with his fist that glowed gold.

Boom! An unprecedented, deafening explosion sounded, reaching the ears of everyone on Encanta Island. When Flaxseed and Colin heard the noise outside the palace, they calmed down a little.

Following the loud boom earlier, the battle had come to a pause. They couldn’t hear any sound of battle from the forbidden ground, so they were worried sick about Jared.

It was impossible to tell what was going on from the silence, but they could not check on the situation since they hadn’t recovered.

The second boom just now came as good news to Colin and Flaxseed—Jared was alive and still fighting.

Jared had used up almost all his spiritual energy with that one punch. However, the punch also allowed Tigris to see him in a new light.

Jared is merely a Nascent Soul cultivator, but he’s not at a disadvantage even when he’s fighting a Manifestor like me! What is going on? I won’t be surprised if his body is stronger than others, but it seems that his spiritual energy is also on another level! Though there are cultivators who can overcome the huge difference between cultivation levels, they are geniuses that one can’t just find anywhere!

“You may have deflected my attack, but you have used up your spiritual energy. What are you going to use now to defend yourself from my next move?” Tigris sneered.

Jared did not speak a word. Instead, he activated the Focus Technique with all his might. Instantly, the spiritual energy around him entered his body, and countless spiritual energy vortexes circled around him.

“You’re absorbing them so quickly!”

Tigris’ pupils constricted, and he couldn’t help but frown.

Soon, he widened his eyes, and an odd expression appeared on his face as he said incredulously, “No wonder you can fight someone with a higher cultivation level. It’s because you’re practicing the superior technique! Who taught you this technique?”

“I will never tell you who it is. Just give up.” Jared snorted.

Tigris’ face turned frosty at that. “Do you think I won’t dare to kill you just because you possess the Golden Dragon’s True Form and the superior technique?” he threatened, the aura around him growing more and more aggressive.

“Cut the crap. Come on!”

The next moment, Jared shot toward Tigris.

His speed and strength had reached a whole new level.

He rapidly absorbed the spiritual energy around him, turning them into his own energy and storing them in his elixir field.


As another thunderous noise rang out, the sky turned dark.

Jared was filled with great determination. He knew that he was at the point of no return—the attack he had just launched had once again exhausted every bit of spiritual energy he had gathered.

His Focus Technique was running at full capacity and converting spiritual energy for him, but if this went on, not even this superior technique would be able to handle it.

“I do want to see how long you can hold out,” Tigris taunted, curling his lips into a contemptuous sneer.

Norm, who had been watching everything unfold, seemed to have thought of something at that moment. His eyes lit up, and he turned around and ran outside.

Since Jared was there, Tigris paid no attention to the escapee.

However, Norm did not escape. He rushed out of the forbidden ground and found the Grand Elder.

Although the Grand Elder and his group knew that something bad was happening on the forbidden ground, they dared not enter without orders from above.

“Grand Elder, immediately notify everyone to head to the temple to worship,” Norm said to the Grand Elder.

“Your Highness, what happened in there? Where is King Duncan?” the Grand Elder inquired.

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