A Man Like None Other Chapter 1581

Chapter 1581 You Never Know Until You Try

“You know too much, so you also have to die,” uttered Tigris slowly as he looked at Norm. As Norm faced Tigris, the terror on his face was replaced with a look of despair.

He knew he had no way out if Tigris was determined to kill him. He closed his eyes and waited for his final moment to come. “Everything you own was given by me. Now, I’m going to take them back.”

Tigris raised his hand, and an obsidian sphere appeared above his palm, lightning coursing through its body. A suction hit Norm in the next instant, and the spiritual energy in his body started draining out of him little by little.

In a sinkhole nearby, the Nascent Soul of Jared, who was beaten and battered beyond recognition, began to glow. However, Tigris was too focused on sucking Norm’s spiritual energy to notice that.

Jared’s body was magically recovering. In no time, his wounds were completely healed. There was even a sheen to his now pristine skin.

Not only did his body grow stronger, but he also achieved Eight Level Nascent Soul.

Never in his dreams did Jared expect to break through an entire cultivation level after that fight to the death. Now, he was just one step away from becoming a Top Level Nascent Soul.

His eyes shot open all of a sudden, a cold gleam flashing through them.

Then, he rose into the air, only to see Tigris sucking Norm’s spiritual energy.

The latter had his eyes closed. He did not struggle at all.

He had already resigned to his fate.

At the sight of that, Jared furrowed his brows. The next second, he let out a roar and threw his fist at Tigris.

Tigris was totally caught off guard by the loud noise.

When he turned around and saw Jared, he took several steps back in surprise.

“How is this possible? How did you survive that explosion? Even if you have the Nascent Soul, it should have shattered under those circumstances!” Tigris exclaimed in utter disbelief.

Norm opened his eyes at that moment. When he saw Jared standing before him, alive and unscathed, his jaw dropped in astonishment.

“How can I die when a mere tiger demon like you is still alive?” Jared retorted as he stared at Tigris icily.

Upon hearing that, Tigris released a powerful surge of aura and enveloped Jared in it.

He shot Jared a disdainful look and scoffed, “I am already a Manifestor now. So what if you didn’t die? You’re no match for me.”

Even though Jared managed to survive, there was no way a Nascent Soul could defeat a Manifestor. There was just too big of a gap between their cultivation levels.

Jared couldn’t help but frown as he endured the oppressive aura from Tigris.

“Who are you to claim that I’m no match for you? You never know until you try!”

He unleashed his energy as he spoke, resisting Tigris’ power with the aura of an Eight Level Nascent Soul.

“You want to give it a try? What an ignorant fool.”

Tigris raised his palm and swung it outward casually.

Despite his light movement, an immense force rolled toward Jared at full speed.

Just in time, Jared activated his Golem Body to defend himself against the aggressive attack. His entire being emitted a golden light as scales covered his body, but the sharp, knife-like wind left him with countless cuts.

Jared’s Golem Body broke into pieces, and he was completely exposed to Tigris’ terrifying power.

He turned around and looked at Norm. If I escape now, Norm will surely die. Besides, what will happen to the residents of Encanta Island?

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