A Man Like None Other Chapter 1578

Chapter 1578 Give Me Strength

However, no matter how desperately Terrell pleaded, his cultivation level and spiritual energy instantly vanished and entered Tigris’ body.

Terrell collapsed against the ground. Now that he had lost his cultivation, he was nothing but an ordinary man. “Ah!” Terrell howled in despair, unable to accept such a punishment.

To him, such a punishment was worse than death. The insane Terrell then smashed his head against a huge rock beside him. Upon losing everything he ever treasured, he also lost the courage to live.

Bam! Immediately, his head cracked open, and his brains spewed out. His eyes were still wide open when he breathed his last.

“Dad!” Norm dashed over and burst into tears while hugging his father’s body before turning to glare at Tigris. The initial respect in Norm’s eyes was replaced with rage.

“There’s no need to look at me like that. Everyone on Encanta Island is simply a vessel containing spiritual energy that I reared. I can take back everything you have at any time. Without me, how can your family enjoy such benefits? It’s your privilege to sacrifice yourselves for my sake! Now that your father is dead, you’re next.”

Tigris lifted his hand, and a ray of light enveloped Norm as well.

Just then, Jared appeared before Norm in a flash, and with a wave of his hand, he forced Tigris to retreat.

“You’re just a tiger demon. How dare you call yourself a deity and snatch everything from humans? You think too highly of yourself!” Jared declared icily before swinging his fist at Tigris.

The punch brought with it a strong gust of wind that was more intense than the previous one, and upon seeing that, Tigris chose not to confront Jared head-on.

Instead, he quickly retreated and shot bursts of spiritual energy at Jared to weaken the power of the latter’s punch.

However, it was useless. Despite sucking Terrell’s spiritual energy, he stood no chance against Jared now that he had lost his scepter.


Jared landed his fist on Tigris’ chest, and immediately, the latter catapulted into the air.

Leaping into the air, Jared threw another punch.

As he hovered in midair, he struck Tigris with around a dozen punches, and every single punch hit the latter’s body squarely and precisely. The latter was utterly defenseless against Jared’s attacks.

Finally, Tigris roared, and the entire forbidden ground began to fall apart.

Soon, ripples appeared in the void around them, and surprisingly, they landed in the middle of a valley.

A stone statue about a dozen meters tall stood in the valley.

Interestingly, the statue was identical to the one in the temple.

Jared noticed a faint stream of spiritual energy flow into the statue endlessly from all around, so immediately, he cast his spiritual sense at the statue and detected fluctuations of spiritual energy.

“Is this the true master of Encanta Island?” Jared muttered, his brows furrowing.

Just then, the statue began emitting a golden hue, and instantly, Jared’s spiritual sense was cut off.

He could not help but take a few steps back from the strong impact.

Meanwhile, Tigris, who was covered in blood, kneeled devoutly before the statue.

“Master, please give me strength!”

Soon, the stone statue glowed, and a column of light shot toward the sky before spreading and enveloping Encanta Island.

The dense spiritual energy on Encanta Island instantly vanished, and speckles of light began floating off everyone on Encanta Island.

Those tiny speckles of light were the spiritual energy of everyone on Encanta Island, and it was all absorbed.

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