A Man Like None Other Chapter 1577

Chapter 1577 Doubt

There was a blinding flash of colorful light, and Jared felt an immense amount of energy from the Dragonslayer Sword surge into his body.

That burst of energy was so aggressive that even the Power of Dragons within Jared’s body was immediately shattered. Energy instantly filled his elixir field without stopping, and it felt like his elixir field was on the verge of exploding.

His body shone with a scarlet hue that was so intense that it painted the sky red. Even the Dragonslayer Sword turned crimson red.

As the ferocious energy surged into him endlessly, cracks appeared on that colorful gemstone. The cracks grew bigger and bigger before the gemstone shattered altogether.

Upon seeing that, Tigris hurriedly let go of the scepter and retreated, fear evident in his eyes. “Ah!” Jared screamed, feeling as if his body was about to burst.

Tigris began trembling as he stared at Jared before him. “I-Is the blood demon going to appear?” he muttered fearfully as the domineering pressure Jared exuded forced him to his knees.

Jared’s eyes soon turned bloodshot. He growled again as a surge of energy burst forth from him, creating a strong hurricane that sent rocks flying.

Tigris steeled himself against that gale with all his might while Terrell and Norm were thrown into the air before crashing onto the ground hundreds of meters away. “I will never let you control me!”

Out of the blue, a flash of golden light appeared on Jared’s forehead as he started reciting the calming incantation. At the same time, the charm Flaxseed handed to Jared flew out of his clothes before bursting into flames.

The fumes wafted into his nose and entered his body. While Jared recited the calming incantation, he harnessed his Focus Technique and started refining the terrifying energy within him.

Gradually, the scarlet light around his body dimmed before vanishing completely. Jared returned to his previous appearance, but his aura evidently intensified.

“It’s all thanks to Mr. Flaxseed’s charm,” Jared said, heaving a sigh of relief. He didn’t expect a tiny gemstone to contain such massive energy that almost gained control over his body.

Tigris’ confidence had dissipated, leaving only terror as he gazed at Jared.

“I wonder what else you can use against me without that scepter. Show me what you’ve got now!” Jared snarled, staring coldly at Tigris.

Tigris made no reply and cast his gaze on Norm and Terrell.

“Come here,” Tigris ordered the two.

Terrell and Norm hesitated for a moment.

They had always viewed Tigris as a deity, but now when they saw Jared gain the upper hand, their confidence in Tigris’ ability was starting to waver.

Seeing the two hesitate, Tigris yelled angrily, “Come here right now! Do you want to receive Divine Punishment?”

Only then did the two move over reluctantly.

“How dare you doubt a deity? I gave you everything, but now, I’m taking them back.”

Suddenly, Tigris raised his hand, and Terrell’s body began to glow.

“Dad!” Norm immediately shouted in a panic upon seeing that.

Kneeling, Terrell begged desperately, “Please have mercy on me, Tigris! Please!”

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