A Man Like None Other Chapter 1576

Chapter 1576 Cannot Let Him Live

Tigris’ expression hardened as his hand holding the scepter trembled slightly. Standing at the sideline, Terrell and Norm watched the scene with their mouths agape.

Tigris was a deity and Encanta Island’s monarch in their hearts. Everything the Duncan family possessed was bestowed upon them by Tigris. Yet, at that very moment, their deity was being thrashed into a sorry state by Jared.

Tigris narrowed his eyes. “I can’t let this brat live.” An uneasy feeling surged within Tigris. He had a feeling that Jared would be the one to send him to his doom that day if he didn’t fight with all his might.

He had underestimated Jared from the very beginning because he didn’t expect Jared to have so many secrets. He had Golden Dragon’s True Form, Dragonslayer Sword, Sacred Light Fist, and the Nine Shadows. Every one of those was an unrivaled existence in the current world.

However, Jared hadn’t fully comprehended those techniques. If one day his capabilities had reached a certain cultivation level that allowed him to wield those techniques to their maximum capacity, it would be terrifying.

Tigris found it hard to believe that Jared had mastered every one of those techniques by chance. After all, those skills were astonishing existences even a few thousand years ago.

Thousands of years had passed, so how did every one of them befall Jared? And Jared only? “I definitely can’t let him continue to live on,” Tigris muttered.

He then kicked his legs and launched himself into midair. “Prepare to die!” With a ferocious roar, his body burst into raging flames. He radiated an aura laced with a chilly energy that felt as though it came straight from hell.

“Divine Punishment!”

Tigris suddenly thrust his scepter toward the sky.

The gemstone on the scepter emitted radiance brighter than the sun, which then shot into the clouds.

A few Luminescence Chains constrained Jared in a blink of an eye. Meanwhile, a light pillar with a diameter of ten meters came crashing down, aiming at Jared from the sky.

The Divine Punishment Tigris unleashed was more powerful than Norm’s.

Terrell and Norm watched with slackened jaws as Tigris unleashed Divine Punishment. Their eyes were wide as saucers.

The light pillar with a diameter close to ten meters was a hundred times stronger than the Divine Punishment they unleashed.

The two were oblivious to the fact that Tigris had been the one who unleashed their Divine Punishment all along, and not them.

Feeling the crushing pressure, Jared’s brows furrowed.

A hum echoed from the Dragonslayer Sword in his hand, emitting a fighting spirit.

“I didn’t know you were this belligerent.”

Jared slid a glance at the Dragonslayer Sword before infusing all the Power of Dragons in his body into the sword.

With a wave of his sword, echoes of dragon roar sounded.

A golden dragon emerged from the Dragonslayer Sword.

When the golden dragon charged toward the pillar of light, Jared quickly broke the Luminescence Chain restraining him and disappeared on the spot.


Echoes of a dragon’s roar sliced through the sky as the golden dragon collided with the light pillar. The combination of the blinding white light and the bright golden glow looked like a bomb explosion. The radiance illuminated the entire Encanta Island. Even the ray from the sun in the sky was dull in comparison.

Every citizen of Encanta Island had gathered outside their houses as they watched the glare that erupted across the sky.

They shut their eyes tightly when the glaring light shone.

Tigris was no exception. He raised his hand to block the gleam.

As the radiance dimmed, Jared appeared in front of Tigris before the latter could comprehend the situation.

Tigris could only watch as the Dragonslayer Sword in Jared’s hand struck the gemstone embedded in the scepter.

Tigris was stunned. He tried to protect the gemstone, but it was too late.


The tip of the Dragonslayer Sword had impaled the gemstone.

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