A Man Like None Other Chapter 1573

Chapter 1573 Full Of Yourself

A golden dragon slowly appeared behind Jared as the light enveloped him. The formidable and almighty golden dragon hovered above Jared’s head while the light emitted from his body intensified.

The flickering golden light forced everyone to close their eyes. Even Tigris stumbled a few steps backward, intimidated by the immense power.

“It’s the Golden Dragon’s True Form! What a great specimen! That’s excellent! Hahaha…” Tigris cackled maniacally and did not bother concealing the greed in his eyes.

Jared activated his Golem Body and scales began appearing all over him. Immediately afterward, his piercing gaze landed on Tigris.

He took a step forward before asking Tigris, “Who’s your master? There’s no way you have such a strong ability as you’re only a demon beast.”

“If you want to find out about that, then defeat me. I’ll tell you after you beat me!” Tigris furiously screamed as he began exuding a strong fighting spirit. In an instant, his body morphed into a shadow and spun rapidly.

As the speed of his rotation increased, a black hole that resembled a time tunnel appeared mid-air.

The black hole brought with it immense devouring energy, seemingly about to devour everything mercilessly.

The entire Encanta Island gradually fell into darkness which caused everyone to panic.

“As I said, I’m the monarch here, and everyone on the island is my people.” As Tigris spoke, he raised the scepter in his hand into the air. Immediately, the scepter shone before disappearing into the black hole.

That ray of light that came from the scepter subsequently exploded in the black hole and radiated brilliant colors.

Everybody looked up at the miraculous phenomenon in the air.

However, none of them realized that their bodies had begun emitting spots of light that were ultimately absorbed by the black hole.

The same situation happened to Terrell and his son as well.

When Jared noticed that, he furrowed his eyebrows. He’s consuming the spiritual energy of everyone on Encanta Island. It’ll be a disaster when all the spiritual energy gathers.

Gradually, a continuous rumble was heard from the black hole. It sounded like thunder.

Suddenly, a blinding light shot out from the black hole like a ray of lightning and struck Jared.


Tigris had actually combined the energy of the people of Encanta Island to fight against Jared.

The moment the light struck Jared, he was stunned. The dreadful sensation caused him to subconsciously tremble all over.

His Golem Body instantly shattered and vanished, but his physical body remained mostly intact.

After that attack, Tigris casually waved his hand, and the black hole in the air gradually dissipated. The sky reverted to its former state, and rays of sunshine reappeared.

“It’s a piece of cake for me to destroy you. If you obey me, I can keep your soul and find you another physical body.” Tigris acted all high and mighty.

He did not hurt Jared because he needed Jared’s body, so he had to make sure it was not damaged.

“You’re so full of yourself.” As Jared narrowed his eyes, the Power of Dragons gathered in his fists. “Sacred Light Fist!”

A ray of light covered Jared’s fists. Then, an overwhelming, terrifying force instantly rushed toward Tigris.

Seeing that, Tigris frowned slightly. “You’ve mastered Sacred Light Fist? How unexpected…”

With that, Tigris thrust his palm forward, and a shield appeared in front of him out of nowhere.


A deafening sound thundered in the air, and that shield shattered right away.

The impact of the powerful energy made the residence shake, seemingly about to collapse.

The rage in Tigris’ eyes intensified. “I can’t believe you’re hiding so many secrets. It seems like quite a lot of old men are lucky enough to survive the Celestial Battle.”

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