A Man Like None Other Chapter 1571

Chapter 1571 Manifestor

Tigris was visibly displeased that Flaxseed called him a demon beast. A surge of aura burst from Tigris’ body and struck Flaxseed, who grunted and collapsed to the ground while wearing a grimace. He was visibly in agony.

Colin was, by that point, deathly pale from fright. He had never encountered such a beast. Jared, on the other hand, was frowning solemnly.

“This fellow is Jared, Tigris,” Terrell said, pointing at Jared. Tigris stood up and sauntered down slowly toward Jared, his aura becoming more tangible as he approached.

The aura, so different from a human being’s, was proof of him being a beast instead of a person masquerading as one. Only demon beasts who had achieved the Manifestor stage above Nascent Soul could take on the shape of a human being.

However, not every demon beast achieving the Manifestor stage could transform into a humanoid figure as the conditions were demanding.

Though this specific demon beast had managed to morph his body into a human-like figure, his tiger’s head was indicative of an incomplete transformation.

It was likely that the beast had not attained the Manifestor stage on his own but had instead forced a transformation with the help of outside forces. As a result, the borrowed power shattered and resulted in incomplete transfiguration.

“Ah!” Norm cried instinctively in fear as Tigris approached, which startled Terrell half to death. “This is my son, Tigris. Please forgive his ignorance for disturbing you. I will punish him severely for his impertinence,” he begged when Tigris turned around.

However, Tigris paid him no mind. Instead, he cast his gaze once again upon Jared. A greedy glint flashed across his eyes as he sized his prey up. “Excellent! How rare it is to discover such a fine specimen.”

Then, he reached out to caress Jared’s body, thoroughly repulsing Jared. However, Tigris froze the moment his hand touched Jared, and his eyes widened with disbelief.

Before Tigris regained his composure, Jared sent a fist crashing heavily against the former’s chest.

The sudden strike caught Tigris off-guard, which sent him flying back and falling heavily on the chair behind him, shattering it into dust.

The sudden development shocked Terrell.

Tigris got to his feet. Filled with rage, his domineering aura flared across the room and frightened Terrell to such an extent that he grabbed hold of Norm and staggered backward.

“How dare you lie to me, Terrell.” Tigris shot him a fierce glare.

The pressure brought Terrell to his knees as he said with fear, “I would never lie to you, Tigris. Jared did consume the pill, but I don’t know why he still has his strength!”

Terrell could not comprehend how Jared didn’t lose his power.

“Did you think that insignificant Weakening Pill would take away my strength?”

Jared scoffed before turning to face Tigris. “You’re bold to masquerade as an immortal despite being a mere demon beast.”

“You’re just a Nascent Soul. How dare you behave with such audacity?” Tigris snorted derisively.

“If you did achieve the Manifestor stage, how do you still have a tiger’s head? You must have forced the process via powers that do not belong to you. Now it has backfired, leaving you neither human nor tiger,” Jared remarked with amusement.

Tigris’ pupils dilated as his features contorted with rage. “Be that as it may, I am still more than powerful enough to dispose of you.”

At that, Tigris swiped the air. An imprint appeared for a split second before disappearing into Jared’s body.

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