A Man Like None Other Chapter 1570

Chapter 1570 Too Evil

He frowned as he sniffed the pill with all his might. Terrell’s heart skipped a beat when he saw Jared’s actions. He was afraid that Jared would kill him in a fit of rage once the latter figured out there was something fishy with the pills.

As Terrell watched Jared uneasily, the latter hesitated for a moment before popping the pill into his mouth. Terrell finally heaved a long sigh of relief when he saw that Jared had eaten the pill.

“These are indeed good stuff. I feel refreshed after eating all these pills.” Flaxseed had already finished the pills in front of him and even burped.

However, just as he was about to stand up, he felt as though his legs had turned jelly, causing him to sit back down.

Shocked, he hurriedly tried to channel his aura, but at that moment, he found out that his elixir field was empty and devoid of any energy. “Crap!” Flaxseed cursed out loud.

At that moment, Colin, who also felt drained of energy, collapsed onto the chair. Jared wasn’t shocked at all as he stared at Flaxseed and Colin’s reaction. He also went limp on the chair and did not make a single move.

Upon seeing that, Terrell laughed out loud. “Haha! With those brains of yours, how dare you come and act unruly on Encanta Island? You killed my brother and destroyed the statue. Don’t even think about leaving this place alive! Take them away.”

Terrell waved his hand, and the guards hurried over to lift Jared and the others up. “Terrell, you despicable b*stard. How dare you poison us!” Flaxseed scolded Terrell.

“Norm, I shouldn’t have treated you as my friend. You’re too evil!” Colin turned to look at Norm and scolded the latter.

Although there was a slight change in Norm’s expression, he stood rooted to the spot and said nothing. On the other hand, Jared was silent as he calmly glanced at Norm.

When their eyes met, Norm averted his gaze. Soon, Terrell brought Jared and the others to the forbidden ground. Terrell deftly opened the trap door, and several guards came out from the forbidden ground to take over the task of bringing Jared and his gang in.

The guards from the palace were not allowed to enter the forbidden ground. Only members of the Duncan family were allowed.

Upon seeing the beautiful landscape in front of him, Colin was surprised, for it was his first time witnessing that. Norm was equally surprised. Even though he knew about the existence of the forbidden ground, he had never entered it.

Although he was the crown prince, this place was not somewhere he could enter of his own free will, yet Terrell still brought him along. The man felt that it was time to let his son know certain things.

After walking for some time, they arrived at the residence’s entrance. Terrell dexterously stretched out his hand and pressed the wall of restrictive energy in front of them, which opened upon sensing his touch.

Once they passed through, the restrictive energy wall was raised again.

“Tigris, I have brought the person you asked to see!” Terrell shouted from outside the residence.

Upon hearing Terrell’s words, Norm was shocked. He had always thought that his father was the highest ruler of Encanta Island. Why is there someone else behind him? He even used a submissive tone to address them!

Jared could not help but smirk as he saw such a scene.

They were about to meet the mastermind.

“Bring him in.” A deep voice came from within the residence.

Once Jared and the others were brought inside, everyone except Terrell was taken aback.

They saw a person with a man’s body and a tiger’s head sitting on the main seat. His appearance was terrifying.

“A demon beast?” Flaxseed blurted.

The person in front of us obviously has a tiger’s head and a man’s body. Isn’t this a demon beast?

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