A Man Like None Other Chapter 1569

Chapter 1569 Food Wastage

“Have mercy, Tigris! Please spare us…” Terrell begged for forgiveness as he crawled all the way into the residence. He dared not raise his head, but the powerful aura coming from Tigris was enough to make him almost pee his pants.

“Is this how you do your job? How can someone infiltrate the forbidden ground?” Tigris asked, snorting coldly.

Terrell trembled as he hurriedly explained, “Please have mercy, Tigris. It’s Jared. He and his friend were the ones who infiltrated this place. I don’t even know how they were able to activate the trap door to the forbidden ground and enter!”

“Jared?” Tigris frowned. “That’s right. My brother, Diego, was killed by him,” Terrell added. “Since he killed your brother, why did you let him stay? Today, the statue was destroyed and the forbidden ground was infiltrated. What are you doing, King Duncan?”

Tigris was obviously angry. “Tigris, Jared is already at the Nascent Soul level. I am obviously no match for him. He was the one who destroyed the statue. I’ve used Divine Punishment on him but it didn’t seem to harm him at all…”

Tigris immediately took an interest in Terrell’s words. “He can even withstand the Divine Punishment?” A gleam of excitement flashed across Tigris’ eyes. “It looks like this brat’s mortal body is something good. Maybe, with his body, Master can be resurrected…”

Terrell could not understand what Tigris was saying. He also had no idea who Tigris was referring to as “Master.”

All Terrell knew was that Tigris, who was in front of him, was the true ruler of the entire Encanta Island. “Tomorrow, you will bring that brat to me,” Tigris said.

Terrell frowned. He was unsure whether Jared would listen to him. If Jared wouldn’t listen to him, he didn’t have any ability to bring the former here forcefully. At that moment, Tigris took out some elixirs and threw them at Terrell.

“Tomorrow, all you need to do is to find a way and make him eat these elixirs. He will temporarily lose his power and obey you. Remember, just one elixir is effective enough. You mustn’t harm him. I still need him!” Tigris reminded Terrell.

“I understand!” Terrell nodded and breathed a sigh of relief before leaving the residence.

On the other hand, after escaping, Jared and Flaxseed immediately went to their rooms and fell asleep, pretending they did not know anything.

In the end, no one investigated throughout the entire night.

The next morning, Jared and the others were invited to have breakfast with Terrell.

Terrell appeared enthusiastic and friendly, as though nothing had happened last night.

His attitude caused Jared and his gang to grow suspicious.

“You are our guests. Please help yourselves!”

Soon after Terrell finished speaking, several people came up with dishes in their hands and placed them in front of Jared and the others.

They opened it to reveal pills instead of a nutritious breakfast.

Jared and the others were dumbfounded at the sight.

They had never seen anyone have pills for breakfast.

“Everyone, for people like us, eating normal food is considered a waste. These are nutritious pills specially created by our palace’s alchemist. They can help in cultivation. Please give it a try!” After saying so, Terrell picked up a pill and ate it.

Flaxseed and Colin both looked at Jared at the same time. The two of them did not know anything about alchemy, so they were unsure whether there was anything wrong with the pills.

Jared nodded at the two before picking up a pill in front of him and placing it in his mouth.

Flaxseed and Colin hurriedly devoured the pills once they saw Jared eating one.

It was considered a luxury to have pills as breakfast, after all.

Once the pill entered their mouth, a wave of warmth flowed through them. These are some good stuffs!

The pills on the plates began decreasing in number. Jared took the last pill and was ready to pop it into his mouth when he stopped.

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