A Man Like None Other Chapter 1568

Chapter 1568 Infiltration

Flaxseed could not help but laugh when he saw Jared’s posture as the latter bent down to search for the trap. Jared stopped and turned to look at Flaxseed. “What are you laughing at, Mr. Flaxseed?”

“I’m laughing at the way you’re looking for the trap. You won’t find it even if the sun comes out,” Flaxseed replied. “Then how should I look for it?” Jared asked.

“Did you forget what I do for a living? Why would a mere trap mean anything to someone like me?”

As Flaxseed said that, he took out a charm and started muttering. The charm suddenly began emitting a light green glow. The light swept through the area, and soon, a glowing dot started flickering in a hidden corner.

“There’s the trap.” Flaxseed noticed the flickering dot and went forward, ready to press the trap. However, Jared stopped him. The former shook his head before holding his breath to listen carefully.

He then glanced at Flaxseed, who immediately understood his meaning and slowly pressed the trap. Soon, the wall in front of them moved backward, and a whole other scenery greeted them.

Just as the trap door opened, Jared and Flaxseed dashed inside and took care of the two guards by knocking them unconscious.

The two guards didn’t even get to see who the intruders were before darkness engulfed them, and they passed out.

Jared and Flaxseed were excited as they looked at the oasis-like scenery in front of them. There was also a residence nearby.

It looked like this place was the heart of Encanta Island. They were sure that the person controlling the island must be living here.

The two of them cautiously made their way toward the residence.

However, their passage was soon blocked by a wall of restrictive energy.

“This restrictive energy is so strong.”

Flaxseed’s face was full of surprise.

On the other hand, Jared frowned. He gently reached out his hand and felt his palm touch something solid and impenetrable.

Jared slowly unleashed his spiritual energy, wanting to break through the restrictive energy in front of them.

He did not dare to unleash his aura directly, for if he did, they would be caught immediately.

However, as soon as his spiritual energy began to gather, a strong gust of rebound energy threw him backward and sent him flying.

“Are you okay?” Flaxseed asked as he looked at Jared.

Jared shook his head. “I’m fine. This arcane array of restrictive energy is quite interesting…”

As he said that, a faint flash of golden light enveloped his fist, and he forcefully punched the restrictive energy in front of him.


Suddenly, a thunderous boom sounded in the air, and the ground shook.

The sudden movement shocked both Jared and Flaxseed.

“F*ck. I can’t believe this arcane array of restrictive energy has an alarm attached to it. It’ll be triggered if someone forcefully destroys it. Let’s go.”

Flaxseed stepped forward and dragged Jared.

Upon seeing such a scene, Jared also knew that it was impossible to continue their investigation. He turned around to follow Flaxseed and escaped.

The thunderous boom immediately alarmed many guards.

Even Tigris, who was in the residence, had also awakened due to the shock.

Terrell brought people and rushed over. The man’s face darkened when they opened the trap door and noticed the two unconscious guards.

At that moment, endless waves of terrifying aura flowed from the residence.

Terrell was trembling all over as he felt this scary aura.

He plucked up his courage and slowly made his way toward the residence, as he had no idea what would happen next.

They had committed a great sin by allowing someone to infiltrate the forbidden ground.

After passing the wall of restrictive energy, Terrell fell to the ground with a thud and crawled toward the residence.

Cold sweat beaded his forehead as he regretted his decision of letting Jared and the others stay in the palace.

He did not expect that they would find the forbidden ground and even infiltrate it.

After all, Jared’s expression did not change when he used his spiritual sense to investigate the area. As such, Terrell thought Jared did not find out anything.

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