A Man Like None Other Chapter 1567

Chapter 1567 Just A Puppet

Upon hearing that, Jared said nothing else and got up, preparing to follow Norm. “Wait!” Just as Jared was about to leave, Terrell suddenly shouted, “Sir, may I know what’s your name?”

Despite conversing for so long, Terrell still did not know Jared’s name. “It’s Jared,” Jared calmly said his name. The atmosphere turned awkward just as he muttered his name.

Terrell’s expression changed once more. Even the way Norm was looking at Jared changed drastically. After some time, Terrell asked, “Do you know someone named Diego?”

Jared nodded. “I do. I was the one who killed him.” Upon hearing Jared admit what he did, Terrell took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down.

Then, he broke the silence as he said, “Diego was my older brother. His desires were too strong, and they ended up costing him his life. I know a thing or two about what happened between you and my brother. He brought everything upon himself because he believed in the nonsense that Zion spewed!”

Jared was surprised to hear Terrell’s words. Initially, he thought Terrell would fly into a rage on the spot and try to kill him. He did not expect Terrell to say such a thing.

Therefore, Jared was at a loss for words.

“Mr. Chance, we should go,” Norm piped up, trying to ease the awkward tension in the air as he led Jared and the others out.

Although there was not much change in Norm’s expression, it was evident that he had become less talkative.

“All of you should stay here. There will be someone to take care of your daily needs.”

Norm left after getting a couple of rooms for Jared and the others.

After Norm walked away, Flaxseed looked at Jared. “Can’t you come up with a different name just now?”

“I did it on purpose,” Jared replied.

“On purpose? Don’t tell me you meant to let them know that you were the one who killed Diego?”

Flaxseed was confused as to why Jared would do such a thing.

“That’s right. I only wanted to see how they would react. That Terrell is too cunning. Everything he said was a lie.” Jared narrowed his eyes.

Although Terrell was not powerful, Jared could tell from their conversation that Terrell had a powerful mindset.

Just from their conversation alone, no one could tell whether what he said was true or false.

“Did you find out whether this palace has any secrets from the investigation you conducted with your spiritual sense?” Flaxseed hurriedly asked.

Jared nodded as he carefully analyzed, “Yes, there is. At the end of this palace, my spiritual sense was blocked. It felt as though it was chopped off by something out of nowhere. This proves that there must be some sort of secret hidden there! I also noticed arcane array has been added to all the kneeling stone statues, allowing them to absorb spiritual energy from people. Although it’s weak, it could gradually become powerful once it’s accumulated. That’s definitely not something Terrell has the skills to achieve. There must be someone behind him that’s controlling everything here. Terrell, and possibly the whole of the Duncan family, are nothing but puppets!”

“Then let’s go sneak a peek tonight.” Upon hearing that, Flaxseed’s interest was piqued.

Jared nodded. “I was thinking the same thing.”

“I’ll go too.” Colin also wanted to join after hearing the two’s plan.

“You shouldn’t go. With that strength of yours, you won’t be able to escape if we get caught!” Jared immediately rejected Colin.

Night soon came. Two figures hurriedly rushed toward the end of the palace in the darkness.

Those two figures were none other than Jared and Flaxseed.

Dodging all the guards, the two arrived at the end and found a wall blocking their way.

“Why is the passage gone?” Flaxseed asked in confusion.

“It’s not a surprise that the passage is gone. This means that there must be a trap here,” Jared said before carefully looking around.

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